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Anal Sex

Anal sex, also known as Greek, is known worldwide as one of the favorite sexual practices for many people. However, there are not always appropriate measures taken so that this practice may be truly enjoyable and not become painful. Therefore, we will recommend some tips to make...

Dildo: a friend or an enemy?

For those who do not know yet, dildo is a sex toy also known as vibrator. It has different uses.

It can be vaginal and also anal, but it also can be used by oneself, in couples or with groups.

The dildo is usually used by women but it can also be...

Unusual sexual fantasies

When we usually think of sexual fantasies, we imagine “basic” fantasies. For example, typical scenes that we might have seen in porn films, in erotic magazines or even in other type of films.

We all have fantasies, some of them can be perceived as odd fantasies; others can coincide with...

escorts by escortintime

Adult sex toys

Sex toys exist since thousands of years ago, the dildo is the oldest toy in history. Until today, sex toys have evolved and they have adjusted to the every type of person needs.

Many fantasies can be realized thanks to sex toys. For example, inflatable dolls are fun for many men. This toy...

Sexual fetishism

There are a lot of things we could understand when it comes to pleasure search and benefits that sex has. Each person has a universe in his body and different ways to arrive to the final climax. Sex always has at least three subjects: a couple and fantasy. Today...

Threesome escort service

Enjoy your threesome fantasy with Escorts, by Escortintime.com

Do you fantasize about a threesome? You are not alone! Dreaming with a threesome with two women is a more common practice than we usually think. For a long time, it was taboo matter, but nowadays, threesomes are seen as something normal and people who practice...

The pleasure of golden shower

Our day-to-day leads us into a frantic lifestyle. Surrounded by stress, different problems at job or the everyday difficulties don’t let us to relax for a moment. Sometimes you have to stop, leave all these complications out and think for yourself. We must learn to relax, enjoy and appreciate...

Kind of kisses that excite women

Kissing is a very stimulating action. For women, kissing is very exciting and very important to be conquered action. They are important for men also.

Kissing is an important tool for preliminary before sex, it helps intercourse.

Here are some tips...

Porn Stars Escorts

The porn costumers may wonder how they could having sex with a porn star that they are looking at. Often those porn actresses work as strippers, models, waitresses and Escorts.

Those who choose being escorts offer the possibility of having sex with her...

Benefits of the Erotic massage

1. The Erotic massage increase the sexual desire.

2. The temperature rises and it causes orgasms.

3. The relationship improves due to massage because it helps reaching a special connection to both of them.

4. While the erogenous zones of the...

Intimate Massage

To give your partner or anyone you want an intimate massage, you need to be in a comfortable and erotic atmosphere.

You should follow some indications for the purpose that the intimate massage could be perfect, so the other person could enjoy of pleasure and relax...

Swedish Massage

This massage is designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them.

The objective is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood.

Swedish massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain and this is good for the heart because It increases circulation without...

Body Massage

Body Massage and escort   This type of service is great to discover and enjoy the pleasures of erotic massage in sex and giving prominence to the whole body and not just the genitals, it can be very exciting and enjoyable. As the massage is done, it increases sexual desire.   The...

Girlfriend experience

GFE escort service

The "girlfriend experience" generally involves more personal interaction than a traditional call girl or escort offers; it varies widely from person to person, however. There is a focus on not just having sex, but also having more of a comprehensive experience...


69 escort service   69 is a sexual position that allows mutual oral sex simultaneously.   To achieve this position, the two individuals normally fall down on a surface, one above the other. However, instead of being located face to face, each one placed opposite its head opposite genitalia, there...

Greek "Anal Sex"

Greek "Anal Sex", is the act in which the penis is inserted into the anus of a sexual partner. The term can also include other sexual acts involving the anus, including pegging, anilingus, fingering, and object insertion.

While anal sex is commonly associated with male homosexuality,...

Girls Kiss

One of the hottest services of our escorts. With the "Girls Kiss", the customer will enjoy a french kiss with the escort, and get with it, a hot feeling of closeness. It is also an exciting way to start the sexual act. Don't forget... the lips are also an attractive and exciting part of our...


The Striptease is a performance, usually a dance, in which the person is sensually undressing to viewers. Usually performed in table dances, cabarets or nightclubs, involves slow striptease to undress, to bring the public a greater desire while the person is naked. For this, the...

Blow Job Tips

BlowJob, Oral sex, Fellation , many nicknames to speak about one of the most famous sexual practices ----- So, today, we will have some words about Blowjob

Firstable, to underline that, each man is different, even if they look like between them, so...

Better 2 escorts than 1

Some think if they want an escort, that all they can get is one escort. There are escorts that are more than happy to work in teams. Imagine a pair of lovely ladies there to please you all night long…..Such erotic possibilities. Threesomes can be fun indeed, and many escorts are...

Soft escort services

Would you like erotic massage? A sweet moment of relaxation? There are some very sexy escorts out there, providing erotic escort services which can make you feel special and loved, some lounge Vip escorts that will love to make you feel like a...

full escort service

Erotic Shower: Sensual escort service

Dear readers, dear escorts you've probably had the opportunity to take your erotic shower before, accompanied by a hostess, an escort and/or your wife. Gentlemen, here are some "tricks almost vital" to know when you have the opportunity to take your shower with a girl...

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