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1. Information on Responsible Party

ESCORTINTIME.COM (the website) is a product of PUBLIKISS S.L.

In accordance with article 10 of Legal Decree 34/2002 of the 11th of July regarding Electronic Information and Commerce Services of the Company (LSSI), the identifying information of the party responsible for this website is detailed:


Name of website: www.escortintime.com

Company denomination of the responsible party: PUBLIKISS S.L.

NIF: B-65486953

Electronic mail contact: info@escortintime.com

Business Registry details:

Company registered with the Business Registry of Barcelona in Tome number 42313, folio 36, sheet B-403361, 1st inscription.


2. Objective

This legal notice has as its purpose the establishment of General Conditions that regulate access and general use of this website for all users in such a way that, access and usage of this website duly implies understanding and acceptance of the General Conditions included in this Legal Notice.

For this reason, ESCORTINTIME.COM recommends that the user reads them carefully each time he or she wishes to enter and make use of this website, being that these conditions make undergo certain changes. In this sense, ESCORTINTIME.COM reserves the right to bring about, at any moment and without obligation to provide notice, any modification or update of the contents and services, the present general conditions of access and use, and, in general, of any elements that make up the design or configuration of the present website.



3. Usage of the website.


Use of this present website by any person, attributes to him or her the status of User of the same, being obligated to be of legal age in order to access the website, such as is expressly stated upon acceptance of the initial conditions of access to this site, published on the homepage, at www.escortintime.com.

ESCORTINTIME.COM will immediately cancel any registration of a user who is determined to be under age as determined by the country of residence or location from which the user accesses the website.

The user accepts that use of the present website comes under their exclusive responsibility, for which the User vows to diligently and honestly observe any additional instruction imparted by ESCORTINTIME.COM or any personnel authorised by ESCORTINTIME.COM relative to the use of the present website and its contents.

The User commits to not utilise the information or publicity services that ESCORTINTIME.COM makes available, to take part in any activities that go against the law, moral or public order, or, in general, as well as to make use of the site in a matter conforming with the present General Conditions. To that end, the User is obliged to use the contents of the website in a legal and correct way, with due diligence, and in particular, the user commits to abstain from i) using the contents for effects or purposes that run contrary to the law, moral or proper customs that are generally accepted, or the public order; ii) reproduction or copying, distribution, allow access to the public through any means of public communication, to transform or modify the contents, unless they do so with prior authorisation of the owner of the corresponding rights to said contents, rendered legally permissible, and iii) employing contents, and, in particular, information of any kind obtained through the website, or the services, to remit publicity, communication with purposes of direct sale or with any other kind of ends relating to commerce, unsolicited messages directed to a plurality of persons, independent of their finality, and to also abstain from commercialising or divulging this information in any way.

In any case, ESCORTINTIME.COM does not take responsibility for any damages or liabilities that may occur with the technological equipment of the user, having access the website or utilised it in an improper or negligent way.

In the case that the User proceeds to the registry for the contracting or acquisition of a service offered in the present website, the User will be responsible for relaying accurate and legal information. If, by consequence of the registering, the User is provided with a password, the user commits of use it diligently and to maintain the password a secret when accessing the services. As consequence, the Users are responsible for adequate keeping and confidentiality of any names and/or passwords that, in their case, are administered by ESCORTINTIME.COM, and commit to not ceding them to third parties, be it on a temporary or permanent basis, and not to allow access to other persons. Any illicit use of the services by illegitimate third parties using the password to such effect as a cause of non-diligent use or loss of said password, falls under the responsibility of the User. In virtue of the aforementioned, the User is obligated to immediately notify the contact address of ESCORTINTIME.COM, info@escortintime.com regarding any act that allows for the undue usage of the names or passwords, such as theft, loss, or unauthorised access to the same, with the end of processing their immediate cancellation. ESCORTINTIME.COM is relieved of any responsibility over any unmentioned acts that may derive from the undue use of names or passwords by unauthorised third parties.

4. Intellectual Property.

All contents of the website, understood as the texts, images, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, and other audiovisual or resonant contents, such as graphic design and font codes (hereinafter, The Contents), are intellectual and industrial property of ESCORTINTIME.COM, or if be the case, of third parties.

Likewise, commercial brands, names or distinctive signs are exclusive property of ESCORTINTIME.COM or, in certain cases, of third parties. The images and information of the announced persons belong to them, without prejudice to the license of use that these persons concede to ESCORTINTIME.COM for the correct lending of publicity services through this website.

Reproduction, transformation, distribution, publicity put to interactive availability, extraction, re-usage, resending, or utilisation of any nature, by any means or purpose, of any of the site Contents, except in cases in which it is legally permitted or authorised expressly in writing by the owner of the corresponding rights, is strictly prohibited. ESCORTINTIME.COM reserves the right to employ civil judicial action and/or penalties against those persons, physical or legal, and their representatives, that may violate any of the cited industrial and intellectual property rights.

ESCORTINTIME.COM commits to complying with the aforementioned conditions in order to guarantee the correct use of the contents of the website, exercising any action, civil or penal, necessary in the case of an infraction of non-compliance with these rights, on the behalf of the user.


5. Responsibilities and Guarantees.


ESCORTINTIME.COM does not guarantee the legality, viability, usability, veracity, or accuracy of the information facilitated through the present website. Any sexually explicit material found publicised on this website has been produced and administered by third parties apart from ESCORTINTIME.COM.

As a consequence, ESCORTINTIME.COM does not guarantee or take responsibility over: (i) the continuity of the contents of the present website; (ii) the absence of errors in said contents, or any correction of any defect that may be undertaken; (iii) the absence of viruses and/or any other harmful components in the present website or in the server that hosts it; (iv) the invulnerability of the present website and/or the impenetrable nature of the means of security that are adopted in the website; (v) the absence of usability or rendering of the contents of the present website; (vi) harms or damages that are caused, to itself or unto a third party, by any person that infringes the conditions, norms, and instructions that ESCORTINTIME.COM establishes in the present website or by any penetration of the security systems of ESCORTINTIME.COM.

Notwithstanding, ESCORTINTIME.COM announces that it has adopted all necessary measures, within the possibilities of the state of technology, in order to guarantee the functioning of this present website, and to avoid the existence or transmittance of viruses or other harmful components to the Users. In any case, ESCORTINTIME.COM does not take responsibility for any damages or liabilities that may occur with the technological equipment of the user, having access the website or utilised it in an improper or negligent way.

Responsibility over the Links. ESCORTINTIME.COM renounces any responsibility regarding the information that is found on the websites referred to in the links found on the profile pages of the agencies. In particular, ESCORTINTIME.COMaccepts no responsibility over the correct functionality of said links, over the results obtained from clicking them, over the accuracy or legality of the content or information to which one may access by clicking them, such as damages that may be suffered by the User by virtue of the information found on the site contained in the link.

6. Applicable Legal Jurisdiction.

The relations established between ESCORTINTIME.COM and the User are governed by available existing regulation regarding the applicable legislation and the competent jurisdiction. Spanish Law will be the only applicable law.

For cases in which the regulation foresees the possibility of the parties to submit themselves expressly to a jurisdiction, ESCORTINTIME.COM and the User, with express renouncement to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona.


I denne tiden av kriser som vi har vært å dra, og med det store fallet At skatteinnkreving har lidd, som har forårsaket debatter på bærekraften i vår Pension systemet og dets reform, har finansieringen underskudd på de autonome lokalsamfunn og kommuner utledet i et kvittende finanspolitisk press. Dermed er debatt om legalisering av prostitusjon.

For å illustrere situasjonen bedre, vil vi se tallene som prostitusjonssektoren klarer. Anslått beløp er 3,500 millioner euro per år, noe som representerer 0,35% av BNP. For å gi deg en ide, antar dette å volum som ligner på skotøyindustrien i Spania eller til bidraget fra byen Malaga.

Husk at i Spania er det ca 100 000 eskorte, selv om bare 20% av disse eskorte jentene er spansk. Det er anslått at 39% av spanjolene har betalt for å ha sex noensinne, med en gjennomsnittlig årlig utgift på 1 530 euro. Det vil si, vi bruker mye mer på sex enn på bilforsikring, og kjøper frukt eller grønnsaker. 66% av jentene praktiserer i bordell, for å sammenligne med de resterende 33%, det gjør det på gata.

For å ende med dette batteriet av data, er bare 5% luksuriøse eskorte. Nå, når spørsmålet oppstår, bør vi regulere sektoren? Dette er en av de største pengebevegelsene i landet, noe som kan bidra til ønsket økning i skatteinnsamlingen.

Hvorfor er det lovlig å selge tobakk dersom det genererer tusenvis av dødsfall og sykdommer i året, bruker millioner av euro på kampanjer for å slutte å røyke og genererer en enorm utgifter til folkehelsen? Skattegrunnen er nok til å tillate det å være lovlig å røyke. Nå kommer vi til å se kort, den nederlandske modellen, der prostitusjonen ble legalisert i år 2000 og allerede har omfattende erfaring.

I Nederland flytter sektoren de 2,500 millioner euro, det vil si til 0,4% av BNP, som overgår til den mytiske nederlandske ostesektoren. Legaliseringen av prostitusjonen kom samtidig med lover mot seksuelt misbruk og beskyttelse av mindreårige. Prostitusjon har blitt utestengt på gata og kan bare gjøres i rom utstyrt for dette formålet, hver eskortepike må betale for privat helseforsikring, som enhver nederlandsk arbeidstaker. Skatten er betalt for denne aktiviteten, systemet styres gjennom et lisenssystem, og den endelige reguleringen gis til byene. På Sametime enn dette legalisering, noen seksuell Midler for utnytting er et lovbrudd straffes med Regnes fengsel og den lovlige alderen for Deltagelse i prostitusjon ble hevet 18-21.

Klubber, eskorte jenter etater, X rom, par barer, eller prostitusjon i private hjem er tillatt og regulert av et konsesjonssystem, og bare i 13 nederlandske byer er montrene berømte tillatt, slik som den berømte Red Light district i Amsterdam .

Enhver ledsager har rett til sosial og helseomsorg og selv å delta i et program for sosial reintegrasjon for de som ønsker å forlate prostitusjon, og kommunene er forpliktet til å garantere disse rettighetene som Utstedere av de tilsvarende lisenser.

Med alle disse dataene og sammenligner de to modellene, kan du se likheten av tall mellom land, men samtidig i Holland De Bidra som en annen bransje og er beskyttet ved lov, ha rett til sosiale ytelser og pensjoner i Spania, eskorte og prostituerte er igjen i hjelpeløshet og med mafias og seksuelle utøvere.

For alt dette ville det være nyttig å reflektere dypt på om legaliseringen av sektoren er mer praktisk for alle.