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Las Vegas, the Sin City

We all know Las Vegas because of a great number of films or because we have been there. Las Vegas city noticed a great increment of its fame because of Elvis Presley among other things.

We will give you some other data that you may disown of this city.

To begin with, the “hotel Venetian” is considered to be the biggest casino in the whole world and it is situated I the city of Las Vegas. It has a lot more hotels; counting all the rooms in all the hotels there are a total of 124.270 rooms. Their medium prices are 66$.


Prostitution during the World Cup Brazil 2014

The next June 12 until July 13, will start the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Thousands of people will travel to Brazil to attend their selections matches. All this will be very beneficial to Brazil as hotels and many other businesses will earn huge financial benefits.

Everything is ready for the World Cup, Hotels, travel agencies, markets, shops, services ... and prostitutes.

This is the darker side hidden in this great event, prostitutes ages starts from 14 years of age. In Brazil prostitution is legal from 14 years old, so it is no crime to maintain relationships with girls...

Barcelona Escorts; A Quick Guide On All You Need To Know

Barcelona is arguably one of the best cities to visit in Europe. It offers you a unique combination of factors that all work towards making it one of a kind; from the lovely Mediterranean weather to the captivating architecture, to the vibrant cultural events and tasty Spanish cuisines, Barcelona is just the place to be. Each year, millions of visitors from far and wide visit either for holiday, shopping, even business. However, these are not the only reasons why most visitors have a soft spot for this lovely city; if Barcelona is the sweet cake...

PROHIBITION OF escort ads IN SPANISH newspapers

Last year, the Council of State redacted a report suggesting to eliminate escort ads in all the newspapers.

It already has not dated the day when it will be carried out but, everything points to that, at the end of the year, no escort ads will be found in newspaper. Nevertheless, where it closes a door, it opens a window... Although newspapers will not display erotic ads anymore, Internet offers a lot of opportunities to this advertisers, offering quality content, Escort ads with a lot of high quality escort photos, videos, filters; and it is much more visible, attractive and with a...

Homosexuality and its illegality II

In the previous article we read about homosexuality and its illegality in some parts of Europe. In this article we will keep talking about the countries in Europe that we did not mention before.

Europe is considered to be one of the continents with the biggest legislative advancement. However, it surprises that this same legislation is not advanced in themes like homosexuality.

After this information, we are going to focus on East Europe. In that case, all the countries have legalized homosexuality but there other prohibitions or lack of laws in some...

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Increase sexual desire

Pills for Women: Some women have vaginal dryness, usually due to lack of estrogen. The purpose of these pills is that once these are taken up by women, estrogen is released into the vagina. However, the results have not been as encouraging as those of Viagra for men.

Spray for Men: This is a stimulating spray, man gets excited and it cause them an erection. Thus, increases the male sex drive. the way of taking is nasal

Aphrodisiac Wine: This is a wine that improves sexual potency. The wine is made up of different types of...

The internet improves the efficacy of the escorts and escort agencies advertisements.

In spite of the loss of effectiveness into writing advertisements related to the escort sector, the online advertisements has seen a steady growth in Spain; about 13'9% in the first semester of 2011, as confirmed the Alexa's data.

For the escorts and the escorts agencies, the Internet improves the efficacy of the marketing strategies and obtains return on investment much more higher than other media. The customers that look for escorts contacts, nowadays they usually find them from a website.


Who is boldest in sex?

- Women

According to a study, the 80% of women like masturbate while they are being observed. They said that this fact makes them feel more desired and attractive. The 64% of them would like to have sex in public, this kind of sex is known as “outdoor”. The part of the body women love showing to her couple are the breasts and the bottom. However, an other survey finds that women are in dangerous on social networks because they receive hundreds of petitions for exchange erotic photographies with strangers or known people. This kind of photos could be...

Safely Oral Sex

First advice when practising oral sex is that it has to be safely. Oral sex can spread sexually transmitted disease, for that reason it is very important to take precautions, especially if it is someone who we don't know well or if he/she isn't our partner.

To make a fellatio to a man's penis, the safest and most effective way is to use a condom. Flavored condoms are usually used to make it fun. We can put a condom with hands or mouth. We must take care not to tear the condom with teeth, so we should push it with the tongue and...

About the prostitution

"About the prostitution" is a translation from the text of William Marx, essayist, critic, and an honorary member of the universitary institute from France.

In France, the parliament wants to vote the prohibition of the prostitution and, at the same time it is preparing a law that penalizes the answer of the crimes against the humanity.

The simultaneity of both of them is not really a casualty: is a truly police/ politicy of the consciences and the bodies that our MPs wants to set up.



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