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How drugs and prostitution will reduce European debt

The information you can read below, can make smile many people even in the current economic situation.

From this September will require to the member countries of the European Union, to submit all illegal activities they can encounter in their territory. These activities shall be included in the economic statistics of the country, along with the other activities. Such as drug trafficking, prostitution and smuggling inflate the GDP of EU member countries.

Since 2012 the European bloc reached agreement to introduce this...

Celebrities who are escorts

The existence of many celebrities who also work as escorts in their privacy is no longer a secret for most of us.

Although we discovered this controversial news some time ago, we do not know for sure which celebrities are really into this business. At least not all of them, because some of them recognized they worked as escorts.

We are not going to reveal their names because it is their right to keep their private life.

There exists a dilemma with this issue. Despite the fact they are now celebrities, there are a lot...

How Often Escorts Have Their Own Children

The escort industry is often floated with a lot of misperceptions and myths from different people which may or may not be true. Essentially, ladies get into the industry like any other business venture to sell their care, attention, time and entertainment to those who need it. This is to mean that at any given, there is someone somewhere in need of such a service and another one is available to offer it for compensation.

Even though these services entail intimate sexual interactions most of the time, the business is done at a free will agreeing to each other’s terms of pay and...

Escorts and Internet

With Internet, fast and discreet, call girls, escort girls, female companions, private models, whatever name we give it, have significantly expanded their work space.

We decipher for you the new environment for escort ads

No more beautiful luxury cars that roam upscale neighborhoods and call girls impossible to reach except by phone. Also finished the hostess bars where customers are many to drink cheap champagne before having sex.

The hunting ground of escorts has now moved online.

In a few mouse clicks, you...

Katsuni: escorts and pornstars are like cousins

Prostitution should be abolished? Given the unanimity of the political groups, the debate rumbles. Also socially reproved but slightly less illegal activity, porn star job and in particular pornographic actress struck me interesting to learn more about the opportunity to take these works socially stigmatized and stigmatizing.






Porn actress since 2001, Katsuni began to speak outside the scope of porn (but still around sexuality) in 2004, in a broadcast on Canal Jimmy, and...

Be the lover or the wife

It is more and more common to begin affairs and have a lover. Nowadays love relationships have changed and it is not strange to find infidelities. However, this will depend on the person and on the couple, as always.

A long love relationship usually ends with routine; this happens only when the problems between the couple do not heal or when they do not rekindle the “flame of love”. One of the main reasons couples are breaking up is because of the routine. Others seem to work but many of them hide affairs and lovers.

Although these affairs are done also by women, we will...

Safely Oral Sex

First advice when practising oral sex is that it has to be safely. Oral sex can spread sexually transmitted disease, for that reason it is very important to take precautions, especially if it is someone who we don't know well or if he/she isn't our partner.

To make a fellatio to a man's penis, the safest and most effective way is to use a condom. Flavored condoms are usually used to make it fun. We can put a condom with hands or mouth. We must take care not to tear the condom with teeth, so we should push it with the tongue and...

Two escort girls in Oslo who feel lonely

Dear Readers

Sweet Kitten Brunette escort girls are (according to informed sources who prefer to remain anonymous) 2 of the most savage & hot escorts out there, right now in Oslo. Very hot, very liberal and super stylish.

Also, if you dare, it seems they like threesomes and group parties. These 2 escorts know damn well how to get you up in the clouds and have been reported to live sex like few others. What else!!

At Escortintime.com, you can have a view of their charms and begin to imagine your intimate pleasures with them...

Take a look...

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Robot prostitutes

The existence of robot prostitutes, will be a reality from 2050.

In some clubs in Japan, they begin to provide service robotic prostitutes, specifically a model robot called Roxxxy. This robot is being a worldwide hit but its price is very expensive.

In the future, there will be male and female sex robots. Will be found in sex clubs . The price of these services will be very expensive.

Always is better to have sex with a human escort, but the existence of these robots will be good to standardized prostitution. Thereby prostitution will be becoming more...

Erotic songs for Erotic sex

As the majority of people who I know, we get excited making love with a good music,sexy and erotic, this article couldn't be better... So, if any day you need to get help from sensuality for closing a flirt, here is the article filed.

Click here



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