Would you dare to sell your virginity?

Everybody has, at least once, sold or bought something on Internet. Those buy-and-sell Internet portals enable us to sell objects, virtual accounts, machines, clothes. It is also true that you can also hire sexual services and even more, you can offer them in those types of internet portals. The fact that you can expose whatever you want raises new and not-habitual markets such as girl selling their virginity.

It exist different cases such as the case of Irene. She is a young Mexican girl whose virginity was being sold by 12 thousand Mexican “pesos” (700€). This subject had a lot of media impact because it was a non-expected advertisement. However, it is not clear if it was a real virginity sale because there are a lot of Mexican mafias that could have been used this ad in order to get in some money. Maybe it could have been part of human trafficking. The message Irene wrote for this ad was the following one: “I am 20 years old and I’m in la Paz since 6 months ago... I live alone and I have some economic issues. I offer 12 thousand “pesos” in exchange of my virginity, if you cannot afford this price you can cooperate with what you have.”

Another known case is the Natalie Dylan’s case. “Natalie Dylan” was the nickname that a young Californian student used for present her ad in the well-known Ebay’s web. According to Natalie, The purpose of her offer to sell her virginity was to pay her university studies. Nonetheless, her advertisement was removed from Ebay. When she saw that her ad had been removed, she decided to repost it. This time she published it in a brothel where her sister was working. Actually it was a better portal to put this kind of ad. In the end, the highest auction was the one from an Australian businessman whose name remains unknown. 3’8 million dollars was the auction (2’87 million €). Apart from that astonishing auction Natalie had received 10,000$ more.

A very similar case occurred with a young Hungarian girl. She also published her ad in Ebay. Her nickname was “Miss Primavera”. The information she gave presented her as a 18 year-old-girl that was willing to sell her virginity for more than 200,000€. She assured them that she needed this money in order to be able to study medicine in the university apart from helping her family with some debts. In this case a buyer appeared assuring that he was going to take care of her and marrying her. It seems that the ad was not being removed in time.

The last but not less, the most known case was the one of the young Brazilian girl whose name was Catarina Migliorini and was 21 years old. The initial Catarina’s advertisement auction took part of an Australian documentary called “Virgins Wanted”. Catarina was offered 780,000$ (602,710€). The only problem was that the client never showed up. The client was supposed to be an important businessman of 53 years old and named Natsu. After this experience Catarina wanted to put a price on her virginity. Because she was attending to different TV programs she became famous. As a result she decided to fix her virginity price reaching 1,500,000$ (1,159,155’28€). With the received money, the Brazilian girl wanted to help her hometown by building new houses for the needy. As a curiosity, Catarina has appeared in the Play Boy’s cover. This fact has increased the desire and curiosity of a lot of bidders. The opportunity of deflowering a girl that has already appeared in Play Boy’s cover is not a usual thing that happens every day.

To sum up, it can be said that as we have seen everything can be sold or bought. For example, the NASA is already selling parcels from the Moon. So then, would you dare to sell your virginity? At what price?