Who is more boldest in sex?

- Women

According to a study, the 80% of women like masturbate while they are being observed. They said that this fact makes them feel more desired and attractive. The 64% of them would like to have sex in public, this kind of sex is known as “outdoor”. The part of the body women love showing to her couple are the breasts and the bottom. However, an other survey finds that women are in dangerous on social networks because they receive hundreds of petitions for exchange erotic photographies with strangers or known people. This kind of photos could be uploaded in an Internet website, so it could affect on her personal life.

- Men

Although both sexes like to look each other, men are the ones that are more interested in it. They suffer much more sexual disorders because they are really used to consume pornographic material. While men are having sex they always look for more stimulation or even different sexual positions. An example really common is that they love to look at his couple posing in front of him. A survey show up their conscience about the exchanging erotic photos conflict situation and the pressure they provoke to women. In addition, and for finishing, they also like recording their sexual relations with his couple or with an other woman.