VIP sexual ads


It it interesting to state that porn advertising tends to be used by luxuous brands more than fast moving consuming goods brands.... you can find very sexual campaigns in luxuous brands companies that try to make the difference betting on
sex in ads. Most of them are censured and controversies like big
brands campaigns of Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace


So, what?? firstable that porno
apology in advertising is frequent, very frequent in apparels and Vip
brands. Inspiring on our society, they promote sex at the same time
that they introduce their brand values and products....other thing
interesting to state is the growing of gonzo style and exhibitionism.
From Brands that concentrate their marketing plan on this style to
new ones that have any doubt to show hard sex on their ads



Therefore, in one side, we have got sophisticated campaigns using sex with subtility in their
advertisments ( straight and gay), and, in other side, campaigns that
are concentrated on sex: sex is the hard core of the ad and there is
almost no creativity. So, generally speaking, we can say that yes we
have each days, more and more
sex in ads, soft or hard sex, to impact and arouse noise, buzz on the brand.