VIP escort girl lifestyle


Some girls considered VIP escort girls have the opportunity to share life with the jet set because of their professional activity. These female companions usually travel with businessmen, giving them pleasures after their long and stressful days of work and accompany them to their business meetings, their cocktails for a beautiful woman is seen on their sides.

Sometimes these high class escorts must cross the ocean to attend important events. In these cases their functions more consits in a compainonship and / or to provide an image of personal success for entrepreneurs, business people who employ them.

These escort girls generally cultivated always travel in business class, a glass of champagne in hand, visit museums and paintings gallery, go shopping, enjoy the swimming pools and spa of the hotels where they are invited to ... it seems pretty cool but in this profession life is not always so good.

However to be considered a VIP escort girl, apart from being a beauty, you need to have a conversation on many topics and also have the chance that a customer offers a week in the Seychelles or to accompany him to its meeting in Barcelona.

So, to be part of this very exlusive members club escort, this is the good life after all?

Not quite to be honest, remember that escorting, under its Eldorado, is not trivial and may destabilize.

Many escort girls tell about collateral effects like Virginia: to be condemn oneself to a form of solitude, never to trust men, have difficulty managing it with a sentimental companion ... all this is not easy . She dreams of meeting someone who will accept and love as it is ....

The escorting does not extinguish the romanticism