Used Vehicle Show 2015

Used Vehicle Show will be held the next June. There will be several events in the Feria de Madrid. It is of great interest because it is the nineteenth edition of the vehicle’s show. This event will be held the next June 5th and will end on June 14th , the schedule will be intensive and it will be accessible from 11am to 21pm.

This exhibition is considered one of the most important ones in the used vehicle market. Last year, around 2,800 cars were sold. The success of the last edition, was benefited by the large number of participants that were involved. It is expected that this year can have the same success or even accomplish exceed the number of visitors.

The show has more than 4,000 vehicles, which are represented by 51 automobile companies of great importance. The vehicles involved in the lounge are from all segments, brands, equipment and technological advances that exist nowadays.

It is, undoubtedly, a great opportunity to buy a vehicle while you are enjoying a high range, prices and quality. The possibility of acquiring a new semi with quality assurance makes everybody happy. The models sold in the hall have been subjected to exhaustive controls to ensure proper quality the buyer is looking for.

We have to bare in mind that prices are very competitive, also aided by finance and the possibility of buying on credit. These facilities are to be expected, because the show is considered to be the largest offer of Spain in terms of vehicles. These vehicles can be very extensive in terms of diversity. We can find passenger cars, commercial vehicles, SUVs, leasing companies, insurance, accessories and more.

To date, this event has always been very profitable in all editions. It has a very positive reception among the population. Even more these days, people prefer used semi cars than buying new ones and this market is growing. Because of the crisis, alternatives to ownership of a vehicle are searched. This show offers those opportunities.

On the other hand, participants who come to the feria and are not citizens from Madrid, have the chance to visit the Spanish capital. It is a feria where there are not only attends from Spain but from everywhere, so hotels are already preparing their stocks, restaurants and entertainment.

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