Unusual sexual fantasies

When we usually think of sexual fantasies, we imagine “basic” fantasies. For example, typical scenes that we might have seen in porn films, in erotic magazines or even in other type of films.

We all have fantasies, some of them can be perceived as odd fantasies; others can coincide with the fantasies of other people; and some of them that can be almost unique.

The most common fantasies that a woman usually imagines are:

- To do ménage a trois with two men or women; if the girl is homosexual she will have the same fantasy. - If the woman is heterosexual: fantasy of having sex with other women.

- To work as a prostitute or stripper.

- Men satisfying women with oral sex.

- To feel very attractive, much more than the rest of women.

- To practice outdoor sex - Men disguising with uniforms, such as military, firefighter, police uniforms.

- To practice the double penetration.

Regarding the most common men’s fantasies, this is the list:

- To do ménage a trois with two more women.

- To look his partner while she is having sex with another man.

- A woman with erotic lingerie

- To observe a couple who is having sex.

- To be discovered by the partner of the woman you are having sex.

- That his partner is being gazed by men full of vice.

- If the man is heterosexual, he would want to try to have sex with another man.

- If the man is homosexual, he would want to try to have sex with a girl.

- To perform a double penetration to his partner with the help of another man.

- To practice the anal sex to his partner.

Many of the fantasies given in these lists are certainly known; in fact it is quite sure that we have thought about performing one of those fantasies.

There are some fantasies that only occur in our first sexual intercourses, such as having sex in our parents’ bed, in a balcony, in a public service, in the parking and many more.

There are people that have unusual sexual fantasies, or at least, they are barely said. It is quite probable that you have never read any of these that we have enumerated below.

Then, we will consider those fantasies as unusual sexual fantasies or at least less habitual. It might be possible that when you read them you will discover you feel one of those.

Androidism: Achieve sexual arousal while you are having sexual intercourses with robots or mannequins with human physical appearance.

Narratophily: Reach the sexual excitement by hearing some deterministic erotic words during sex.

Dendrophily: Reach the orgasm through plants or trees contact.

Escoptophily: It is a kind of vouyerism. The sexual pleasure is reached when the person observes other couples that are having sex or people that are semi-naked on the beach. This espionage is carried out with binoculars, cameras, camcorders and phones. Photographs are taken because later on they will be able to get excited again reviving those scenes.

Anaclitism: Sexual excitement through diapers, toys and other different objects related with babies.

Froteurism: the action of tighten your genitals with another person in concurred places such as the subway or the bus.

Hierophilia: Arousal from different sacred objects such as religious crosses, sacred figures and more.

Pictophily: Sexual stimulation from artworks, paintings, sculptures...

Misophily: These kinds of people will only be able to get excited through dirtiness.

Apotemnophile: Person with an amputation fetish; from being an amputee or the fantasy of being or becoming an amputee.

Hipnophily: Reach the sexual arousal by observing sleeping people.

Have you ever felt any of these sexual and rare fantasies?