Top 10 of the most hottest and sexiest places for having sex

Anyone could think that the most desirable and in some way sure at the time to give free rein to the desires, especially outside a stable relationship, it would be an exciting adventure dating with a stunning escort to a hotel with king size bed (please!)... But not always is at the same way.

According to a study made in the United Estates, which asked to men and women about the place where they have lived their best sexual experience, apart from the bed, they are those which joins adrenalin, surprise and wild sex.

Below the list of preferred places ( apart from hotel dates)

1. Building stair's: The best ones are the emergency stairs from the huge buildings of hotels and offices. They are darker, they are not really frequented, there are not cameras and felt the sensation of danger.

2. Car: If it's raining, the glasses get tarnish and it is not possible to seen who is inside or what is happening there. But if you like the risk, just do it when it is not raining, in the night or in the day, in an street or a remote place.

3. Pool: Having sex in a swimming pool could be a really erotic moment. The lubrication increases and the friction facilitates the orgasm between both of them. The unique inconvenience is that the condom could get away.

4. Cinema: the darkness, the sounds and the privacy of the last line, if it isn't a launch. The best sessions are those ones that are in the morning schedule or in the evening one, when the cinema is empty or if there is a boring film.

5. Bus: in a long trip, on the last seating of the bus and if there isn't so much people, of course, or if the people who is there is sleeping.

6. Fitting Room: specially the mixed ones or those ones that are divided by a little door are the best for having sex while dozens of women and men are trying some clothes. There is a mirror, space, seat, light and danger.

7. Park: having sex in the open air give some oxygen to the relationship. If there are lots of trees, you can hide from walkers.

8. The restroom of a bar: or of a discotheque, where there is an excessively loud music, disorder and it's not known if someone goes or come.

9. Sea: it's a suitable place for the coming and going of the sex. In a quiet beach, not very full of people. You may appear that you are enjoying the sea embraced.

10. Any corner: At least, the best place will be the one that you may imagine spontaneously, that one that develop your imagination, which let you having fun and adrenaline.

Which is the one that you like the most? Another question that we do at the blog!

(Article from 20 minutos)