Top 10 of the countries where sexual pleasures are hottests

Norwegian are not yet part of the Podium - So work more and better for next year, enjoy yourselves !!!
By measuring the frequency and satisfaction of sexual relationships, the foundation of research and investigation of Durex condoms (in the survey the face of Global Sex) revealed which countries whose habitants are happiest, sexually speaking. Check out the list and if your country is not, do not, it's summer timeCountries of best intimate pleasures are:

  1. Greece
  2. Brazil
  3. Russia
  4. China
  5. Poland
  6. Italy
  7. Malaysia
  8. Spain
  9. Switzerland
  10. Mexico

Some Secrets of the experts:
Greeks know how to use their mouth: to ask exactly what they need! ;) According to Alexia Halkias, a famous Greek sexologist , both men and women in Greece are open with their partners about what they want and the way they want it
Sensuality brasileira: This is a secret for nobody that Brazilians born with a unique sexual energy. Between the Samba and the warmth of Brazilian beaches, the secret is halfway between the romance and the ability to commit themselves in their couple
The cold of Russia: In Russia, the pattern is quite different... There's so cold that to warm up, the best and cheaper way is having sex, good sex...

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