Three Erogenous zones of pleasure

During the sexual act, we neglect some important zones that are easy to excite. There are known three erogenous zones that we forget when doing sex. While they are used for preliminaries in the sexual act not.

1. The ears. Biting softly earlobes, sucking, stroking or touch the ears with fingertips ... are some actions that will excite more and more your partner and will increase pleasure during sex. In addition, and the most important, remember whispering near the ear of your partner it is really exciting too.

2. The neck After playing around with the ears of your partner, you should visit to his neck. By the side of the neck you can start sucking, caressing and kissing it... repeat this movement for the rest of the neck. You will see that your partner is getting so excited.

3. The back Giving a massage, kissing or caressing the back is another way to arouse your partner. We recommend stimulating the area just above the ass, it is really stimulating therefore exciting. Finally you can do both: making sex and stroking his back.