The Striptease is a performance, usually a dance, in which the person is sensually undressing to viewers. Usually performed in table dances, cabarets or nightclubs, involves slow striptease to undress, to bring the public a greater desire while the person is naked. For this, the Streaper usually wear extra clothes underneath the first to be removed, or play keep clothes to be removing, or hands in front of body parts that are left bare, and so on. The key is in the act of undressing along with sensual movements suggestive, not in the fact of being naked. The action is terminated when the person finishes removing clothes, although it is quite common that the nude is not comprehensive.

The main elements are physical attractiveness and costumes, but the music and the lights are often also important. Bars are often used, sometimes chairs or other items. There are restaurants specialized in this type of show (strip clubs).

The main incentive that leads to this profession, usually is the high salary they earn and the money they can get to get through performances at private parties.

Regardless of being a professional activity, is also used as preliminary. For example, among couples before starting sex.