Strippers realities

Currently it is a belief that the strippers are women forced to show off in front of men because of their economic and family problems. But today, most of the strippers do not suffer these problems. An interview to Jennifer Ward, deals about Strippers realities.

Ward said that the strippers can be university students, mothers and even grandmothers looking to earn a little more money for their benefits and to help their family. Not all strippers are prostitutes but many Escorts are strippers.

There is no exact age for Stripper, there are many women fifty years old that never left the business and even single mothers who need money to care for their children.

To conclude, we will answer the question: What is a Stripper? strippers are girls and women who like to show their body to make money. Many of them remain in this job and other look for another job when they have got enough money.