Some tips to improve your erotic ads on Internet

Last years, escorts and private massage girls have been advertising more and more on Internet for the many advantages that offer the Web:

  • Anonymous

  • specialized private massage websites

  • International audience

Nevertheless, as in every investments, there are pro and cons like the large number of websites, lack of experience of the advertisers on Internet, the quantity of information that you have to filter.

With those tips, we try to give you the elementary information to decide where and who advertise to get the best results on Internet


Your advertisment

When a man come in an escort website, he hopes to get serious and up to date information...otherwise in escort websites as, he wants to find beautiful girls, sensual escorts, ... we do not think that he is looking for hard core photos or porn images but seduction, erotism

Our largest audience come from businessmen who are looking for escort girls for one night, some days our business trips

Regarding photoescorts, we recommend the maximum of photos and sexy photos better than porn ones

The description should be well written, without mistakes and we recommend you to use a provocative and sexy attitude but also to give the most relevant info about you. Our marketing team has analized what works and not and, for sure, if you fullfill every fields, you will increase your chances to get serious and quality contacts


Escorts website

There are thousands of websites, but not everyones are relevants...moreover, each one is targeting differents audiences, offering different services.

An escort website will always give you better results than a general is more trusted and it is a guarantee that people are looking for sex contacts.....So it s better to get less contacts but serious ones than a lot of bullshit

Inside directories, all will try to convince that they re among the best, but they are objectives performance indicators that will help you to know which one to trust

  • Website design: only serious companies have specialists that will get a cosy and user friendly website

  • Multi languages and multi countries website: if you have got a human traslation, it is probably because, there is a team beside working

  • The notoriety of the website: in web 2.0 a lot of webs come and go..... if you have a website who have consolidated his brand, it is a good signal for advertisers

  • If they answer to your queries, quick and well, they are probably serious

Important!! Have a look on google ranking ---it is hard and long to get a good ranking; so if an escort website appears on the firts positions for the most relevant keywords, it will probably gives you good results

As far as concerned, we appear on the first positions for the following keywords: Escort Madrid, Escort Barcelona, escort Brussels, Escort Oslo

Other effective tool to inform about one website audience is, which is an Amazon Brand and, in adult sector it is the most reprensative.... and it is free


Otherwise, it is good to diversify your investments to test and compare..... if you only invest in one escort website, you will strongly depend on this website and no one can guarantee that it will be work as expect.... the best is to find a balance between results and investments


The keys of your sucess


They are many ways to know if a website is working or not, the most clear is probably that a client to tell you that he found you on this website but that is not the most realistic....many people do not remember the name, mislead your site with other ones or say hat they found you on Internet.


If you have your own website, you can use Analytics to measure where the audience come from but that is not the best way because it only measures audience and many people are seeing your phone number on the escort website and call directly, without clicking on your website link.....On we give you statistics of the visits to your ads but the best way to know from which website they are calling you from is to publish a different phone number for each website or differents ads (with differents name) on each website


At least…

Remind that an escort website is one of the best way to get contacts but it will only gives you get clients depends on you.....indeed if you dot not answer to your phone or do not take time to prepare an attractive will be useless to invest on escort advertisment