Sexual Toys (1)

This article is going to show a list of 15 sex toys. Surely you may know a lot, but this list will provide you brief information about each of them and the approximate price.

1. We start with the luxury Oden vibrating ring. This ring is indicated for clitoral stimulation.It is used during the sexual intercourse. It has remote control, thereby facilitating and providing more satisfaction in sex. It does not go with batteries and it can be recharged. The average price is 129 €.

2. Classic metal handcuffs. They are ideal for storing in the bedroom or as an accessory to foreplay toy. This object is part of the Official Records 50 Shades of Grey. The average price is 19.95 €.

3. Balls LELO LUNA. The LELO brand is a premium brand in the sex trade. Girls’ balls are recommended for strengthening the pelvic zone and it prevents from urinary incontinence. The average price is 39.90 €.

4. DUO Balls TENEO, FUN FACTORY brand. These girls’ balls are suitable for the inside. The average price is 19.95 €.

5. Edible massage oil BIJOUX INDISCRETS, flavored with black chocolate. This oil is made only from natural ingredients. So that, you are not only enjoy sexual level, but you also will do it in a natural way. The average price is € 29.95.

6. Plumas luxury with a natural variation in the end. Sex toy to activate sensory glands of your partner. This toy belongs to the Official Shadows Collection 50. The average price is € 14.95.

7. Lasher, for more intense games with your partner. With this toy you will stimulate the skin and make bondage. Part of the Official Collection 50 Shadows. The average price is 24.95 €.

8. Luxurious masks, one black and one silver. With these masks you can make role-play with your partner. It is also a bondage toy category. It belongs to the Official Shadows Collection 50. The average price is € 14.95.

9. Butterfly vibrating ring in black color. This ring is used for the penis, thereby it favors the erection and penetration in a more intense way. Moreover, man can last longer during sex. The average price is € 14.95.

10. Ring model 8IGHT FUN FACTORY penis, with the same benefits mentioned in the previous toy. The average price is 19.95 €.

11. Penis model FUN FACTORY FLAME. It is another ring cheaper than others but with the same benefits provided by these kind of toys. The average price is € 13.90.

12. Harness Fetish Fantasy vibrator. This harness is constituted by double penetration. It is designed so that it can be enjoyed by two girls at the same time. The average price is 69.95 €.

13. Harness dual stimulation vibrator rampant bunny "Fetish Fantasy", designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. The average price is 75 €.

14. Chinese TENEO UNO ball in purple and white FUN FACTORY brand. The average price is 16.90 €.

15. BLING BLING body powders, INDISCRETS BIJOUX brand. Enhance the natural beauty of your skin providing a spectacular shine. Slight taste of lilac. Price: € 19.50.