Sexual fetishism

There are a lot of things we could understand when it comes to pleasure search and benefits that sex has. Each person has a universe in his body and different ways to arrive to the final climax. Sex always has at least three subjects: a couple and fantasy. Today, at Escortintime we are going to talk about the last one. We talk about the most common sexual fetishes and paraphilias.

The word fetish was used by Carl Marx on his book ‘Capital: Critique of Political Economy’. In it, Marx was referring to merchandise that takes a different meaning than it really has. Later, the term fetishism took more sexual connotation. What turn you on about women? And… about men?

Today in, we find out what are the sexual fetishes that are most popular for men and women. Basically we are going to talk about these things that people is looking for on their couple. Usually, most of these practices are considered healthy. We do not talk about sadomasochism.

Submission and domination. One of the most popular practice, as it allows taking a different role. A quiet person may prefer to be dominant in bed and on the other hand, people with a strong character might change a bit their role and let someone else be the one who take responsibility in the sexual sphere. In these practices of submission and domination, sex toys can be used as wristbands, chains and even whips. An example of that is the erotic trilogy, ’50 shades of Grey’, where one plays the role of master and the other is submissive.

Sexy costume. There are different kinds of erotic consumes to bring something new into sexual intercourse. For many people seeing their couples with some costume takes them to another level of excitement. They begin to fantasize and feel they are having sex with another woman, a doctor, nurse, teacher or police.

Anal sex. It is one of the strongest fantasies for men and, more every time, also for women. When we talk about anal sex, we talk about a forbidden pleasure, about something unusual, which adds an extra amount of curiosity and imagination to achieve the orgasms and climax. That is the time when a partner is concentrated on giving pleasure to another. All attention should be on the vagina or penis to be truly satisfying.

Threesomes and orgies. Another of the fantasies of many men is the idea of having sex with more than one woman at the same time or having sex while looking other couples.

Although it is increasing, many people are opposed to incorporate all these practices in their sexual relationships and even to talk about that. Girls and boys escorts you will find at Escortintime do not understand what taboos mean. The escorts are waiting for all those things that are going through your head. Do not be afraid to ask. They are sex workers and they will not disappoint you. Quite sure, our escorts will surprise you.