Sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies are illusions created by our mind.

At puberty, we begin to produce its voluntarily or not in our mind.

Sexual fantasies can cause these fantasies to lose their effect when we  practice its. This occurs because we idealized sexual fantasies in our mind and turn out to be much better in our imagination than in reality.

Many sexual fantasies are just that, fantasies. Many fantasies are rarely put into practice.

A clear example of sexual fantasies that are not put into practice would be the "threesomes", "swingers", etc ...

Many couples fantasize about it, but most are not doing so. However, other simpler fantasies like sex on a balcony can be done easily. Everything will depend on each person and each relationship.

Sexual fantasy can become a bad experience, if it becomes reality when the two parties or one of them was not entirely sure to do so.

What are your sexual fantasies? Are you ready to carry it out?