Sex without commitment

Sex definition according to the dictionary is: organic male or female condition, animals and plants.

As noted in the definition, sex knows no conditions. It can be practiced freely whatever our situation. Therefore, in a relationship without sex commitment remains the same as in a committed relationship.

More and more people are enjoying casual sex in which love is not necessarily as in the sex partner. However, it is also very enjoyable even better if between them have affinity. You can have casual sex with a friend or friends without having to mean bonds.

This kind of sex without commitment, is also known as sex without love. Which may be based on a purely sexual attraction between both of them. It can also develop some kind of affection and bonding time between them, which is only limited to pure sex for mutual enjoyment.

This kind of sexual relationship may be more than one person at a time. Unlike a loving relationship in which both parties are usually faithful and committed. Therefore, in sex without commitment there is greater sexual variety. Since you can maintain different sex with more than one person.

Then we show you the different sex types without commitment we can find:

Despair sex:

This kind of sex is as a last resort after a night in which isn't accomplished flirt. To solve this night you can choose having sex with one of your friends which there is already some sexual attraction. Thus, the evening will be fixed keeping this kind of sex without commitment between friends. The same applies to known people who you have some sexual connection.

Live Sex:

Type of sex that is maintained with a stranger. It may happen while you are on a party, having a drink, celebrating a birthday … summing up, with someone you just met and ends having sex. This type of sex without commitment has no attachments, is only for enjoyment.

Known Sex:

known sex, is the one we have maintained in the past with someone. It is usual practising it with someone we already know by having sex before. The most common case is sex with your ex, but it must be purely sexual. It is advisable that there is no bond that can confuse or bring problems after keeping the sexual encounter.

Repeated sex:

This type of sex, it leads to have sex with strangers remained for years and return to find them. The world is a handkerchief so we can meet people we knew years ago in some place. The fact is to repeat this experience lasted only in one night.

Sex by Interest:

It is a kind of sex that may be distasteful to many, but sometimes many people have done it. Sex by Interest is about keeping sex with a person who has always been behind us, knowing that, in the end we take advantage and we decide to have sex with that person. But it was just that, sex without commitment. However we can cause damage to that person. It's up to each one conscience. Nevertheless it may happen de opposite and that person just thanks the sex maintained and he/ she is satisfied just with it.

Sex for spite:

This kind of sex normally happens when we ended a relationship with our spouse, or when someone we loved no longer wants to have sex with us. In that case, we use to seek to have sex with someone focused in the fact of feeling better with ourselves. We have to be careful with this type of sex without commitment because we can be hurt, this is because instead of feeling better we may feel worse and worse. Sex must be maintained once we are ready and we have clear feelings.

Sex planned:

Arranged sex with someone we met on a social network or location. We meet with that person to keep the sexual relationship.