Sex in summer

Here comes the summer heat begins and we are thinking about going to the beach. Many will start summer vacation earlier and others at the end, but it is always a rest and relaxing season.

Summer is considered the time of natural mating between humans. Our body begins to change, the most important in our skin change. The skin feel more in the summer, a sense of improvement. The skin is more sensitive note, therefore a brush with another person, feels different than other times of year as winter. Because of heat we use to wear uncovered clothes,so we show our body. So we feel more sensual. Also attracted to see other people showing part of their body.

The gestures we make in summer can also be interpreted as sensual as the sweat dry off or touching the hair by heat, are gestures of seduction.

Through sweat, we transmit pheromones. These are naturally occurring chemical compounds which are distilled and send signals. Therefore, the sweat in summer is a sexual signal that our body let go unintentionally.

With so many sensations, during this time it is easy to "fall in love". While we are living so many sensations, we can meet someone and live an intense adventure. Talk to the person of our stuff like we always would know. Or if it is a friend, perhaps the relationship goes to another level.

In summer we have much more time for us, unless you decide to work hard to get money and then enjoy the rest of the year. In the case of having a long free time, we think of ourselves in order to be happier. It is broadcast to the people and we seem more attractive. This facilitates our relationship with the opposite sex and are more likely to get interesting dates, which can lead to having sex.

Tourism in summer is also something that will make us more attractive, we will be notice as full of life and energy. Also doing some trips as going to the beach, mountains and summer parties will lead to improve our mood. Being more relaxed will help avoid excessive stress and thereby improve our sexual performance.

Therefore, we will have more and better sexual activity during the summer. Everything mentioned above, favors our self-esteem. Not just because of seeing more brown, careful skin and comfortable clothes. But also because of doing activities that will make us feel good and relaxed. It will be important good nutrition during the summer so that the skin is not too dry and we are not with low energy. Soft drinks will be important.

What's better than a good beer on summer?

Being in the beach bars while we are meeting many people we can talk to and know. It is also ideal for a link to finish and enjoy a summer adventure time.

Soon the summer months of July and August will be the hottest. Therefore it is advisable to go to cool off in the sea after sunbathing.

All we have written is whether you are single or you have a couple, in that last case it is time to travel and spend more time with that person we want, since during the year we may have not had much time to spend together.

In the case of singles, summer is a great place to meet new people that can be a new adventure, a one night sex or who knows ... maybe he/she will become your couple because of your affinity.