The sex of the future

The Intel Corporation computer processor made a survey really interesting about the sex of the future. These tests show that more than the 45% of women prefer having sex through the Internet rather than have it in a physical way. Furthermore, the 30% of men are also in favour of that method . This happens due to the Internet, because it contributes much morbidity and is easier to access to sexual content.

On the Internet we can find erotic games, sex web-cams, porn pages, sexual contacts to do some cyber sex and much more.

Some new tools related with the Internet have been appearing, such as vibrators which transmit wireless signals to satisfy the couple, or also, computer games that simulate the sex act.

One of the best known games is the Virtually Jenna, in which appears the porn actress Jenna James and you have to make her reach the orgasm.

In addition, there are sexual devices which work via Internet, such as the Mutsugoto. It is equipped with a web-cam and several rings which will be carried by each one of the couple. The cam picks the movements of that ring and projects them on the body of the receiver. It is projected by some shaped lights which imitate the movements that the transmitter does.