Sex as a bargaining chip

Sex is becoming more and more valued; we know a lot of cases in which sex appears as a bargaining chip.

In previous articles, we have read some cases which imply this business. For example, would you dare to sell your virginity?. We also saw a case in which sex was a very important business in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Another obvious example is what happens in our directory. A lot of escorts offer sex or other services in exchange for money. These are some of the examples in which sex is used as a bargaining chip. Since antic time sex has been a very important tool, this is because sex produces relax, pleasure and joy. 

Some News seen recently proves that fact. The young and Chinese Ju Peng, who is 19 years old, wanted to travel in different cities of her country. She offered to spend a night with a man who wanted her to provide an accommodation in his house, apart from paying her all her expenditures path and the accommodation.

In many occasions we have travelled and stayed in a friend or fellow’s house, we have even traveled and stayed in a familiar domicile. But there are other occasions in which we travel in a place where we do not know anybody. There exist different possibilities such as exchange your house with a family who wants to travel to your town or let an empty place in your flat for free for someone who wants to spend some days in your zone. So that, you can travel and have an accommodation for free.

Nevertheless, it seems that Ju Peng has preferred to use her enchantments as a bargaining chip in order to travel for free to the cities she pleases. This young student announced her intentions in the social network “Wiedo” with a title “temporal boyfriends”.

Ju Peng has also demanded other conditions apart from paying her travel and her accommodation. She also has put some other conditions to her possible “temporal boyfriends”. She also requires men with less than 30 years old and whose height must be more than 1, 75 meters, apart from another condition, they must be rich, of course. She has been criticized for that, but she defends herself by saying that it is another solution to travel for free. Then, this young girl offers sex and company for travel for free

According to Ju Peng, it is the only way to discover the East of China and due to her lack of money she does not see any harm in doing this type of exchange.

This case can remind us of that young American girl who decided to search a rich enterpriser in a forum. She published an advertisement about her enchantments and demanding very high requirements such as, an enterpriser whose income was more than 500 thousand dollars per year. She also asked for an enterpriser that could pay all her whims. Those fulfilled conditions will be exchanged for her marriage with him.

This young girl received an answer from an enterpriser but this was not precisely the answer she was expecting. In any case, Ju Peng and this American girl achieved or must have achieved what they were asking for. As we have said before... Sex is becoming more and more valued.