Sex as a bargain chip II

In a previous article, we talked about sex as a bargain chip. In that article we enumerated different examples in which this was reflected and in which sex was not only exchanged for money. If it was only as a money exchange we would been talking about prostitution.

In this previous article the examples were: exchanging sex for travel or for social position.

In this article we will discover new ways to exchange sex for something that is not money.

To begin with, if we google it we will find search results as “sex for rooms”. The price put by this type of advertisement is “for free”, that is because they exchange sex for a place to stay. This phenomenon has reached Spain; it comes from France and U.S.A.

It actually exists a website where anyone can publish this type of offers without censorship. There is a wide range of diversity and people who offer this type of add, from young boys to couples or home people. But this is not all because not anybody can rent a room. The advertisers will analyze the photos and the profile of that person. If the boy or girl are attractive they will be accepted. Publishers can even demand them to have a good cultural level and to be extrovert.

Those adds have received numerous visits, in cities as Barcelona or Madrid.

According to the Police, these type of advertisements are not punished by legislation. It is actually an activity in which both parts are consenting sexual relationships.

However, the responsible of “Unidad Móvil de Prostitución” and “Trata de la Comisón para la Investigación de Malos Tratos a Mujeres” are against the statement of the Police.

They assure that one of the parts , the tenant, is victim of this market. They must have sex. Those victims are women in their vast majority because the majority of advertisers are men.

There have been many versions about this same subject. It happened the first time in 2007. But as always, there exist a lot of different opinions.

In that case, it would be necessary to ask the tenant if he or she actually agrees with have sex or if it really is for a need because she or he cannot afford a room. This circumstance could be exploited by professional prostitutes who wanted to rent a room for free, or a non-professional prostitute who wouldn’t care about this because she couldn’t afford a room.

In case she feels obliged, it should be cleared up. But if the tenant accepts this exchange could then apply to the Police version.

Anyway, we cannot deny that sex is been used as an exchange for practically anything.

The correct thing should be to control these type of advertisements, because little by little the sex exchanges will become even worse than exchange for a room, travel or social position. Would you exchange your room for sex instead of exchanging it for money?

Would you accept to pay a room in exchange for sex and avoid paying the rent?