Sex and videogames

Many of the readers have played videogames at least once in their lives. But it is more improbable they have played videogames about sex or pornographic themes.

At the beginning, videogames were divided in action, adventure, platforms, terror, strategy, football, cars, sex...

However, with the evolution of videogames, it started to appear different games in a more open world. We could do a wide range of missions, actions and other things. It arrived a moment in which different themes appeared together in a videogame. The most known case and possibly the most important one was The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game was launched in 2004. From then until now it is the best game of the GTA’s saga. In that game you could have sexual intercourses with the partners your character met. Those sex scenes could not be well-appreciated because they were censured. However, it appeared a “mod” that had a very important impact in the gamer world. This mod was called “Hot Coffe” and with it the sexual scene could be seen. With it you can also help your character to reach an orgasm with his couple. The developer enterprise of this videogame was Rockstar, which earned millions of demands from users because of that mod that could unblock this type of scene in the game. The enterprise had to remove this mod from the market and indemnify some of the users. This cots almost 2 million dollars. However, this mod has not disappeared and you can download it in PC platforms.

From that moment, a lot of games began to develop videogames with sexual scenes. They put the label of +18 so then they could not more be demanded and let clear the content of the game. Some of these games that have appeared during this years are:

God of War: In that videogame sex appears in every scene in an explicit way. The girl characters that appear on the saga use very short clothing with beautiful breasts and good physical traits with sensual clothing. Even the way others treat them in that game is male chauvinist.

Heavy Rain: In that videogame appear striptease, erotic and explicit scenes and you can interact by undressing a girl.

Mass Effect: This videogame is set up in the future, in the 2183 year and sex is not only performed between humans but also between aliens. The mission’s commander practice sex with practically everybody he finds. That is to say, from women to men and aliens.

Far Cry 3: This videogame is about the adventures of a lost tourist in an exotic island. There is only a sex scene, it is with a native and it is explicit.

Back again to the GTA saga, we are going to mention the last GTA game which is related to the previous games this article has mentioned. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the last game they have launched. If striptease clubs with sexual sessions in private appears in GTA 4, GTA 5 wouldn’t be less. In that game, not only you can have all the wealth and all the properties you want to have but you can also have one or various escorts in your mansion. You can invite your friends to come to your mansion and have parties and you can meddle one of that escorts in first person. GTA 5 have many others things. This saga has been the pioneer to have sex in their content.