Sex and medicine

There are many ways to increase sexual desire, as it is the case of certain foods, herbs, drugs like Viagra ... although we know that it is always better all those natural remedies than those which are artificial.

Sexual desire can increase depending on the season we are in. For example, spring is the season where sexual desire is much more increased.

However, we can also find some other medicines that are the opposite of those sexual “activators”. There exist other ways to repress the sexual desire, this happens with some medicines.

Antidepressants: these drugs are inhibitors of sexual desire. Many patients who consume up to 80% of them suffer greatly exaggerated decreases in sexual libido or even the inability to enjoy orgasms.

Antihypertensive medicines: these medicines are used to reduce tension, and they are also related to heart problems. This medicine reduces stress. As a consequence, it directly affects the decrease in sexual appetite too. In fact, these drugs are considered to be one of the most important that reduce sexual desire. Within this category, one of the medicines that most affect libido is nadolol. This type of medicine blocks the central nervous system and prevents having sex properly.

Ulcer: Medicines which its main role is to heal stomach problems, in this case it is focused on ulcers. The drug better known within this type is the cimetidine, which is very effective to solve this type of trauma. On the other hand, it affects the sexual desire. This is because these drugs affect the testosterone and it decreases. Therefore, you decrease the sexual libido affecting your desire. It means that in the case of this medicine it will depend on the number of doses you take you will have a major effect. Once consumption is finalized, you can recover the lost sex appetite that you had while you were taking this medicine.

Anxiolytics: The main effect of this medicine is the extreme muscle relaxation and general sedation. That is why its function is very useful to heal muscle pain, but not so much to increase sexual desire. The libido decreases and the orgasm cannot be reached, a part from the existence of erection problems.

Other problems: There exist other health problems that can affect on that sexual desire, as in the case of heart problems. In the case of man, having an erection can harm the cardiovascular level. With women it almost happen the same when they have sex.

Therefore, we must take into account these side effects. They are not always described in much detail in most of the prospects. There are references to many side effects, but no reference to the decreased sex desire is made.

If there have passed a long time since you and your partner last have sex, the medication could be affecting. Therefore it is good to talk to see if you can reduce the dose, or look for a natural alternative to medication.