Sex and Food

Both sex and food are the human pleasure. From the contact with our mother's bosom, arises the relation between sex and food. This nourishment rouse our appetite sexual. They are called aphrodisiac food. This name comes from Aphrodite Goddess, Greek goddess of the love and the sexuality.

The major part of the aphrodisiac food are really erotic because of their shapes similar to women's and men's genitals. As for example: the clam, the oyster, the asparagus, the banana, the cucumber, the avocado, the carrot,...

The cone in the XIX century a was frowned upon food because of its sexual symbolism for women. It was ill-favoured for its shape either bad image when swallowing it with the tongue in public.

In addition there are some others substances considered really erotic as the coffee, the tea or the chocolate.

Finally meet up to dinner is an other erotic fact considering that in the time of the Romans they used to meet together for having a meal and making an orgy.