Sex and dreams

When we talk about dreams, we refer to the fact to dream while we are sleeping.

We can define dream as an imaginary composition between images, thoughts, sounds and sensations. This manifestation is produced while we are sleeping. Dreams are related with personal experiences that we have experienced or that we are experiencing. In general, dreams are exhaust leaks that our mind uses to free stimulus that could not liberate that day.

When we go to sleep, the mind starts to liberate multiple thoughts necessary in order to relax the mind and in that way, finish conceiving the sleep.

After we have dreamt, we wake up the following day with a different sensation depending on the dream that we have had that night. In general, if we remember the dream, what we really remember are images, sounds and scenes. The whole dream can be remembered, or by contrary, we cannot remember anything about it. According to some experts, we always dream although we do not remember.

Dreams can occur in any of the phases that we have during we are sleeping. There are cases that only by closing the eyes he or she already has thoughts very closer to those of dreams. But the ideal dream according to experts is the one that we have in the phase REM. That is the last phase of the dream’s cycle.

The fact that we dream is only confirmed in the human being “Homo Sapiens”. However, a lot of animals have the REM phase and for that it is very probable that they also dream. It is unknown the type of dreams that the animals have, but it is true that they receive mental impulses and discharges as it happens with humans.

The dream is something involuntary; it only parts from the overloaded memory which needs to manifest all its content in some other way. So that, to achieve the correct rest.

According some studies, men and women have many similar dreams. The themes coincide. For example they can dream about personal problems that they could have had, personal experiences, family, friends and many more. But the thematic that differentiate women with men are the following:

  • In the case of men, the most frequent themes are about cars, guns, wars, violence, erotic scenes and sex with unknown people.
  • In the case of women, the more frequent themes are romantic dreams, kisses or erotic fantasies with a known person. 

The themes will also vary depending on the person. We do not have all the same life, for that, depending on the situation of each person he or she will have their own stimulus, and as a consequence, their own dreams.

We have to carry in mind that a lot of people wake up motivated or desire to have seen his or her dream have finally come true. But we have to remember that dreams are only dreams.

We have to be enough conscious to avoid hurt us or make wrong decisions from having lived a dream. A lot of dreams seem to be so real that we think it has really happened.

However, we have to remember the positive sensation that dreams create us and we have to enjoy it. On the other hand, we may have to relax when we dream about nightmares.