Relax and sex advertisements

All those who are Internet users, will have met repeatedly with sex ads. There is a wide range of these ads, but the most common are the ones called “relax ads”.

“Relax” term refers to all activities related with sex and sexual release. They are for example, massages, intercourse, masturbation, blowjobs and everything that implicates being relaxing for the client that consumes it.

There are many ways to access to this kind of advertisement. There are small and very important Internet portals which offer thousands of sex ads. Visitors can access without registering, but we can find many times that visitor must be a registered user in that site, it normally happens when they want to control the age of the visitor, since even exist filter or warnings for children age often still minors entering.

Furthermore, registered users can give their opinion on the escort's ad in case they have hired her. This could help other users who are doubting about which ad would they choose.

Advertisers should note well their main features, as there are many competitors. Especially in female escorts situation there is a lot of supply but also a high demand. However, in the male escorts case , there is little supply but low demand in turn. In addition, both  advertisers cases must emphasize their good qualities and services, so visitors may finally decide to hire their ad.

The same applies in the case of agencies, local, flats, houses, ... in this case advertisers often have more purchasing power than independent escorts and this allows them to advertise on more sites. There is also a lot of competition, so it will be important to highlight the main features of each installation. What is very useful to visitors, is the power to know the rates and staffing of escorts who work at the facility. Thus they contacted a safer way of what they want.

Therefore, there is plenty of choice and easier access to these ads on the Internet. Sex is one of the largest Internet business, not only for these ads but by the number of pornographic videos you can find over the world.

The sex market has restrictions on the Internet, as already discussed earlier in this article, one of the most important limitations is the restriction access to minors.

Furthermore, there are others limitations such as not being able to put sex advertisings in sites that are not just for adults. Neither explicit sexual videos can be uploaded on Youtube because they will be removed, so it is in Facebook and in many social networks. On the other hand, twitter is the perfect social network for this kind of content because of its freedom restrictions.

We can also find out of Internet these kind of ads, which are often find in the newspaper classified, but only appear in a specific section and end of the day. Less and less allows the use of images and those which appear are poorly detailed.

In terms of television, there are some channels dedicated on sex or sex programs which are  broadcast in adult schedule. Relax advertisements are still a taboo subject, so that is why on the Internet have greater access.

With the legalization of prostitution, these ads would be more frequent and less limitations than today. Therefore, there is collective dedicated to fighting for the rights of prostitution and seek a fair legalization.

Who knows, maybe one day we will find this kind of ads in major television networks and outside adult schedule. The normalization of prostitution would be a solution to many problems currently suffered by all and all those working in this sector. One of the hardest, but because we want it being this way. Collaborate.