Red Light Secrets, first museum of prostitution in Europe

We already knew the existence of museums of sex, as the Erotic Museum in Barcelona or the penis museum in Húsavík (Iceland). We missed a museum dedicated to the oldest profession: prostitution. Well, since four months ago, the first museum of prostitution in Europe is opened in Amsterdam –where else?-. More precisely, it is in Red Light District (De Wallen), best known for the prostitutes who offer their sexual services from behind a window.

The name of the unique museum is Red Light Secrets and it shows the secrets of a legal activity in the Netherlands since 2000 uncensored. There, the visitors will look into sex trade, into the objects and context linked to sex. There is even an exhibition of items that customers left in the brothel after having sex with some of the sex workers.

The objective of the museum is to explain and to show from a full view what is the reality of sexual trade. Without adding romance or patches, pure and real as it is. Due that, they do not forget to complain about forced sex. “I always wondered what really happened behind the windows, the way they live their lives, how their world was…” says in an interview one of the museum driver.

After paying an entry of 7.50 Euros in a locker that imitate date houses from 50s, the visitor is introduced inside the narrow buildings from houses of the Red Light District, which dates back to the late nineteenth century. The visitor experience will put him in the place of the prostitute in all its variations. He will see what an escort sees behind the window. He can visit the rooms, both cheap an luxurious ones, and discover what really a sex work journey is composed of and its evolution to the present.

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