The prostitution reality

Many prostitutes feel alone when lying about their job to their parents, couples or even their offspring. They don't use to explain how they earn money.

A steady source of income which have to hide, justify revenues of money that make prostitutes feel bad because they do not want to be judged, so they do not tell the truth. For that reason they use to invent some excuses to justify this to their family or their own children. At the moment when they decide to tell the truth his family, is when they finally feel released.

Talking about clients prostitutes features we can assure that most of them pursuit rather love than sex. Prostitutes when planning the appointment with the customer , always decide and manage the arrangement. The statement "A prostitute is a piece of meat with eyes lying on a bed and the customer can do with them whatever they want " is completely false. In addition prostitutes can decide which customer will they chose, what rates they will apply to the services to offer, furthermore, if the customer does not accept these conditions she can decide not giving the service.

Referring to the role in society and the legal framework , prostitutes suffer some injustices by the government. Since being accepted as self-employed , and at the same time public institutions do some campaigns against their job, they denigrate their body against prostitutes in general.

Wanting to remove prostitutes from the streets it forces many women working in homes, clubs, agencies ... which is more harmful for prostitutes because they lose part of their independence.

It is said that prostitutes are whores, feminist, empowered ... though they are identified as women wearing the reins of the economy, his sexuality and his life.

Many feminists are really struggling against labor, political and social rights of an entire group of women. Prostitutes are identified as feminists because they fight for their social, political and labor rights. The much-repeated mantra is that prostitutes are mistreated, raped and humiliated is absolutely false. But nevertheless, many prostitutes have felt humiliated and raped by the comments of many feminists.

A manifest was made by several rights for prostitutes:

• Guarantee the rights of all those involved in prostitution. As the right to emigrate, have freedom of movement and even to open their own businesses.

• Prostitution is recognized as a legitimate economic activity.

• The dignity of prostitutes and their ability to decide has to be respected and recognized. Remember that offensive laws against prostitutes and clients all that they achieve are worsening conditions during services. Treatment more quickly and clandestine type appear, appearing faster services so worse treatment of prostitutes work.

• Creating a public space for prostitution, like the red light district of Amsterdam. In which they can freely engage in prostitution and with good hygiene, security and tranquility. The place to locate this public area, could be in connection with the negotiation between prostitutes and neighbours.

• Strongly pursue the gangs that force and force many women into prostitution.

• Help financially and materials, also giving alternative employment to all those who choose to leave prostitution. Being helped and not stigmatized as prostitutes, thereby hampering their working carrer.