Prostitution during the World Cup Brazil 2014

The next June 12 until July 13, will start the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Thousands of people will travel to Brazil to attend their selections matches. All this will be very beneficial to Brazil as hotels and many other businesses will earn huge financial benefits.

Everything is ready for the World Cup, Hotels, travel agencies, markets, shops, services ... and prostitutes.

This is the darker side hidden in this great event, prostitutes ages starts from 14 years of age. In Brazil prostitution is legal from 14 years old, so it is no crime to maintain relationships with girls that age.

Prostitution is expected to increase further as the World Cup approaches. There will be adult prostitutes, which in Brazil is at 18 years old, otherwise there will be prostitutes under 14 years also According to UNICEF data, about 250,000 minors girls prostitute in Brazil.

The Court of Justice ruled in 2012 that having sexual intercourse with a girl under 12 was not a violation. Amnesty International described the resolution as a benefit for violators.

Brazilian government had to remove a piece that was part of a campaign, which was sexual diseases subject and also a woman claimed to be happy being a prostitute. It was issued at the Prostitute International Day.

Some minors prostitutes customers in Brazil have secured they have paid 60 USD for a full and long service. This salary, minors only gets half of it. This is because the prostitutes have a payment for clothing, rent, and in many cases food.

Prostitutes work will increase considerably during the World Cup 2014. For independent prostitutes will be a great benefit, but for the majority of prostitutes who are under mafias won't benefit at all.

Some prices are alarming because do not exceed $ 5. This is the case of some 14 year old girls who sell their bodies to workers in the Arena Corinthians, a field in which preparations are being made for the World Cup.

Many rooms of these girls are hidden in mazes of alleys. Many of them have sewage, which is where many of the workers have access to the services of these young prostitutes.

There are also many cases of unwanted pregnancy following unprotected practices. But even being pregnant these girls are still arranging meetings with new customers.

Some areas which attract many prostitutes are in hotels which are near favelas.

Many of these girls even do not have parents, in most cases they have died. So the only way they find is to continue prostituting for food.

The treatment by these men, is not always pleasant. But they use to pay.

There are girls ages 16 who are already considered "older" for this profession . Some provide overnight or even full day services to the client. For them it is a good business day.

In some child prostitutes interviews in Brazil, have expressed their desire to have a lot of work during the World Cup soccer fans. They hope to take advantage of the situation by charging up to $ 25. This price exceeds four times the normal prostitution rate in Brazil.

Being such an alarming prostitution situation, it is the only economic route for many of these girls and young girls in prostitution in Brazil.