The price of arousal

Recently an American agency has been in the spotlight because of their offer of dating without sex. We are talking about the simple fact that a guy or a girl pay for spending a few hours with someone by simply sharing a while. It has a cost, but the service has been a sensation on the Internet due to its slogan “better than sex”.

Supposedly, a meeting with a girl or guy advertised on this site does not mean anything else than conversation. However, several users complained about the sexual content of the profiles. We can understand that there are people disposed to pay for the company of someone else, even if it just for a walk. In spite of that, if there is no sex we don’t understand why the site uses naked torsos and suggestive poses as an enticement. A lot of users complain about that: they came to the web looking for interesting people and interesting conversations, but they don’t found profiles with a definition of the people (education, interests, and hobbies). Profiles of girls and men wearing underwear and making provocative poses were what they found. In some cases, the price was the only information that appeared.

The stir came for this reason: it makes no sense to announce that something is better than sex while you use the arousal as an engagement. Prices are from $200 each hour, but the client himself has to organize the date. So, the price is more than the double that an escort girl professional service, and what we obtain is a date that has to be organized, from the time to the activities to do. It’s not fair paying that amount of money and still been the one who takes all risks (choosing a woman or man with no more information than the physical aspects), and also having the responsibility to organize everything.

Appeal to sexual affairs in order to sell something original, supposedly, completely different, is completely detestable. Who looks for an escort service also wants a plus. We’re not talking just about sex. We mean a further experience: talking, interacting and meeting people. Definitely, opening yourself to the other person and create a magical and special moment. It happens every day in any of the dates that are arranged thanks to because that is a normal behaviour in human being: we need to trust in somebody to do something personal, especially if it involves an engagement.

We can’t understand how a company can take profit from the innocent people who just want to have fun with somebody, even if they have to pay. In return, what they find on this site is a series of pictures with a clear sexual message and poor information. We believe the service can be very helpful for those who don’t want sex and just want to meet people. However, sexual pictures shown in the site, high prices and any organization by the company is not a good way to do this type of things.

On we trust in experiences and comfort. So, we want the client having no worries about the date, concentrating on enjoying the company of one of our escort girl or escort boy. Choosing the service you want and going with the flow is the experience guarantees to you.