Political scandals

Few time ago we talked about football players’ scandals in the article footballers and escorts.

The political scandals are also a well-known phenomenon and very common in the media. Before we read the most known ones, some names of those politics comes to our mind who have ended as victims of an scandal.

In this case, neither men nor women are saved.

We will begin with Karina Bolaños, who was the Vice Minister of “Juventud” in Costa Rica. Karina was caught by the Media when they found a video of her on Internet.

In this video she is shown in her underwear and insinuating to her presumptive lover.

When she realized they had found that video, Bolaños decided to defend herself on a Colombian radio station. According to her, she assured she was a victim of fraud and extortion. She finally got destitute from her position.

One of the most shocking scandals in Spain has been the case of Olvido Hormigos, the socialist councilor from the city hall of Yébenes, Toledo.

In that case, a video was again discovered on Internet. This video was about an erotic domestic video that was filtered to the social networks.

The accusations of who filtered that video were between the mayoralty and a closed friend of hers.

Olvido Hormigos ended up resigning her position.

One of the most famous cases that will probably form part of the political scandals’ history is the one that happened between Mónica Lewinsky y Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky was hired as an intern in the White House in 1995. She did no doubt to publish her love relationship with the actual president of the United States of that year, who was Bill Clinton. Once the love story was known the scandal was so big that it put in danger his position as president of the U.S.A and it also put in danger his own marriage. However, the love affair between them continued. High sexual content calls between them were filtered. Even a blue dress was found in Clinton’s office; it had some stains that looked like semen stains. Clinton finally was accused to deny all this fact to the American population.

From there nowadays we can find a lot of criticisms about the image of Bill Clinton, which is for example reflected in various episodes of The Simpons.

Another famous politician that made this type of scandal was the Italian Silvio Berlusconi. When this name is mentioned or readed a lot of people surely remember the image of Berlusconi doing parties with escorts.

The parties and sexual excesses were already well-known but what really impacted to the Media was the accusation that Silvio was introducing underage girls to the prostitution. One of these supposed girl that Berlusconi hired told with detail all that II Cavaliere did in the Arcore Ville. The same girl told them that once she had to disguise herself as Obama and other girls wore other customs.

Anthony Weiner was the congressman Democrat from U.S.A that was also involved in another sexual scandal. In that case, twitter became a nightmare to him.

One of his followers in Twitter was fooling around with the Democar and he send her photos of him naked. She did not wait to publish and upload them in the same network. Wiener had to renounce his position when he realized about his mistake, he recognized to do a bad use of Twitter