Penis size is shrinking

Penis size has always been very important to many men, so we have bad news to them: penis size is getting smaller . The reason is due to pollution, stressful lifestyles and magnetic waves which will also affect future generations, not just the current.

Everything that affects the growth of the penis, also affects male fertility and a possible disease onset. Testicles cancer is the most dangerous disease.

According to the study, erect penis size has reduced 2.3 inches in the last ten years. The European average has oscillated from 15.24 cm to 12.95 cm. A study by a hospital in Italy, has confirmed that penis growth is affected by food and water that have been exposed to pesticides.

Depending on the continent, men have different average penis size. For example, in Latin America the average is 14.75 cm and in Africa the average is 15.25 cm. Furthermore, the Koreans have the smallest penis 9.66 cm on average.