Orgasms at the Gym

The technique of having orgasms at the gym was discovered with the controlled use of breathing. It was an amazing finding because it was believed that the orgasm was achieved just in the physiological way. Furthermore, it was tested that the brain is the most important sex tool. Due to the brain we can reach the orgasm.

The facts that compose the orgasm are biological, psychological, social... When we have an orgasm we feel it in our body but it's originated in the brain.

For that reason, while we are working out in a gym we are activating our brain with the physical impulses. A huge number of women had experimented orgasms at the gym. More than the 50% assure having some orgasm while they are finishing a workout.

However, talking about the men experience, they don't get orgasms at the gym because they don't have the same muscle stimulation as women. A survey made by a really known preservatives brand determinates that men feel much more pleasure watching football than having sex.