Norwegians and call girl sexual fantasies

From time to time we love taking a look behind on our sexy call girls website and see what's left on the way forward; this particular time we just digged about what our Norwegian readers and subscribers do think about what a great sexual fantasy would be like, not to mention that any of our gorgeous Norwegian girls will fit into your wet dreams, no matter if you look for call girls in Oslo or any main city in Norway.

From our escorts website we have done some research involving a hundred anonymized random profiles of all kinds and we have reached these conclusions:

  • 75% of the men we asked declared "never or rarely have thought of other female companions while maintaining sexual relationship with our girlfriend or wife. Such a high loyalty uh? May this be because these girl partners were right there but when we asked - in fact many of our anonymized subscribers shared with us about this point
  • It also seems that their most intimate fantasies are having sex on the beach, pool or in a forest. However our fellows are quite comfort-lovers and most point out that as laying on the beach, sand could be very unpleasant .... so for convenience, it would be above the beach sun beds
  • It also seems that most would like to attach to their partner or tie them (depending on ones preferences)
  • Over 50% state they would like to be surprised in their sleep
  • 40% says they would like sex with a stranger sexy girl
  • Some other sample fantasies we have collected are: having sex in a public space, in the office with secretary, in the toilets of an airplane, watching lesbian sex

As a fair point we thought why not running the survey on us as well! Among all the answers, this is what suits best for the average here at Why talking when the only thing you want is sex action ;-) Especially if you and your partner share the same sexual pulsion!

And what about you, what are your most intimate fantasies?
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