New Escorts for this Autumn 2015

The summer of the 2015 ends this 23th of September, giving the entrance to autumn 2015. We feel that summer holidays get shortened more and more every year. That could be caused because summer is the season in which we get more occupied. At the end there is no time to assimilate the experiences you are living in a proper way.

Summer is a time of reflection, where many people take the opportunity to draw new conclusions. The same goes for many businesses, associations, etc.

In the escort’s business it happens the same. During summer, many girls and agencies are renewed giving opportunities to new faces. For example, in we now have new escorts, that way we improve the quality of our directory of escorts and we give way to new opportunities for customers.

With the return to the routine this activity increases and many customers recover their sexual activities with escorts. August is the month in which the sex sector is less active compared with the rest of the year.

On the other hand, it is in summer when greater escorts’ demand also exists. That is because the consumer who pays for sex has more time and wants sex. The demand of escorts to travel is very common. The month of September is a good month for it. The trips are much cheaper and escorts have regained their activity.

Now with the fall, the cold is returning little by little and is bringing us closer to winter. This season welcomes us to warm ourselves with the company of someone else. It is therefore a good time for the escort industry and it is also for the customer.

Therefore, now it is the time to find new escort’s girls in the directories. There are a lot of new faces and therefore more variety to the customer. It may be the time to try new things with new girls.

From our escortintime directory, we recommend you to visit our wide range of escorts that we dispose in our cities. We also want to remember that we have restarted our business harder than ever. That is why we have so many new faces on our website. 

We intend to continue increase the amount and variety of girls, in order to continue being strong in this sector and to fulfill the customer necessities.

We hope that the summer holidays have been beneficial for all of you, and that you have been able to enjoy paid sex many times.

Our intention is to provide customers the best girls, agencies, homes currently available to the sex trade.