Mobile World Congress and the sex for pay

The next days, from 2nd to 5th of March, it will be celebrated the Mobile World Congress edition in Barcelona. In 2015, this event will bring a lot of new innovations and interesting acts.

As each year, the hostelry sector will be very greatly benefited. The same will happen with the touristic benefits that will receive the city of Barcelona, a type of indirect tourism, which will produce great incomes for the entire county city.

The MWC 2015 expects an average of 7000 attendees; the attendees in other editions have been from 60000 to 80000.

This event is considered to be one of the most important events taking place regarding the communication technologies sector. For that reason, it attracts a great average of people from many different countries all over the world. The most important thing is that those people profiles are defined as business men or women with a high level of wealth.

On the firsts lines of this article we spotlighted those possible beneficiaries of this event. There are other sectors which are also looking forward to this event to take place. One of them is the sex for pay sector. Like in other important occasions where men and women who are important and wealthy go to an event it is a great opportunity to get an extra job. Higher benefits in the sector of sex and relax are more than sure to accomplish.

The last year, more than 100 escorts from Barcelona moved with the intention to attend the best sexual parties of the attendees from MWC. Moreover, the increase of advertisements on websites like Escortintime is very noticeable.

Many independent escorts get advantage to this occasion to earn some extra money because it is one week where a lot of wealthy clients come.

The same happens with agencies, clubs, houses or apartments, who invest money in advertisings so that it attracts those possible-new-and-wealthy clients.

The only problem that can be regarded for escorts is that in some occasions they expect to have a lot of work during this week but, it not always occurs because of different circumstances. One of these circumstances is due to the fact that there is a great and big offer of different escorts and types of sex. Therefore, the more announced, well-known and positioned an escort is the easier she or he will get it.

More than a girl or a boy will end up accompanying some of these business people in the Mobile World Congress. She or he will spend a week of extra job, good remunerated and obtaining more reputation. Do not forget, many of these assistants to this great event are important business people from the telephony and communications industry.

Back to the congress of the next week; highlight the importance of the communications sector, which is growing and growing with more power year by year. Without any doubt, it will have a great success. Who knows if this year it will increase the number of visitors, maybe it would attend around 100.000 assistants.

Furthermore, it may have an increment of escorts’ displacements. This year could be the greatest year with the greatest money income that sex for pay can earn thanks to the MWC event.