Masturbation and particular ages

We all have in mind which age sexual intercourses can start, but this also depends on other different factors because it not only depends in oneself. Nevertheless, to masturbate we only need ourselves.

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Masturbation is ageless, but it is divided in different stages that are usually related with a determined age.

  • Exploration or self-stimulation (3 to 4 years old): On this stage, the little boy or little girl begin to be conscious about his penis or her vagina. That’s why they start to touch or explore her or his sexual organ. Our sexual organs can produce very pleasant feelings since these ages, although it is impossible to reach an orgasm due to the lack of sexual matureness. There also exist touching between children and it is done with the purpose to explore. Therefore, there is no erotic purpose which could lead to the masturbation. 
  • First orgasms (Adolescence): On this stage, we ae much more aware of our instincts and sexual organs. In some cases and depending on the age, some teenagers will already have had sex. Those who have not done it yet will masturbate themselves. Masturbation on this stage is a way to get prepared to sex and also will be used to self -pleasing. During this stage, boys will already produce sperm. So that, it will be common to masturbate to ejaculate to know if it has already been produced.
  • Maintenance (Adulthood): Once you are on that stage masturbation becomes a routine for many people. The use of masturbation will have different meanings and reasons in this stage. In case of men, to renew the sperm, get prepared to have sexual intercourses or to the joy of oneself. On the other hand, women will like to masturbate to be stimulated and also to her own enjoyment.

Nowadays it still exist that fear to masturbation. For example, there are a lot of parents who are worried about their children and their premature beginning to masturbate. Nevertheless, we should not be scared because we as kids did the same.

Remember, masturbation can be used by oneself or can also be used with your partner. Masturbation becomes an essential part of sexual intercourses; it takes part as a preliminary. It can also be used to discover and know better the sexology of our partner.

We can also find people who enjoy more with an intimate masturbation than a sexual intercourse. This is because with masturbation we can get to know ourselves in a way that we can reach better orgasms that we could reach in a sexual intercourse. For that reason a correct understanding with the partner will be essential. Share to the other person which things makes us reach pleasure. This would be an important step for both to know each other and to offer a high level of sexual pleasure.

Despite this fact, masturbation occupies a very important place in sexology. It is the main reason we are very exigent with our sexual intercourses.