Las Vegas, the Sin City

We all know Las Vegas because of a great number of films or because we have been there. Las Vegas city noticed a great increment of its fame because of Elvis Presley among other things.

We will give you some other data that you may disown of this city.

To begin with, the “hotel Venetian” is considered to be the biggest casino in the whole world and it is situated I the city of Las Vegas. It has a lot more hotels; counting all the rooms in all the hotels there are a total of 124.270 rooms. Their medium prices are 66$.

As historical data it can be said that the “Hotel Moulin Rouge” was the first hotel where whites and blacks could mix.

As a curiosity, Chinese consider the 4th floor of hotels as a number which brings bad luck. Because of that superstition there are a lot of hotels such as the Hotel Wynn or the Hotel Rio which do not have this floor.

The casino is a place where you are unconscious of the time passed because they do not have windows neither watches. This is one of the main reasons casinos gain more than seven million dollars per year. But it is also true that the bank does not always win, if you don’t believe it tell it to Rupert Murdoch, a media magnate who won 25 million dollars in a weekend.

A tip! No worries for those who suffer playing, in the casinos you will be safe. This is because of the high security. From the surveillance cameras to reanimation units prepared only in case a client suffer any kind of attack because of the gaming nerves. A heart-attack will be solved rapidly so don’t worry about squeeze your adrenaline because of the consequences. Bear in mind that a client spends an average of 4 hours per day playing and loses 600$.

Moreover, there are 50.000 inhabitants and the population is still growing since 1990. The level of visitors who come to stay in the city is very high. The city receives 36.7 million of visitants each year. Most of them visit Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

The city has 15.000 kilometers of neon lights. This luminous factor makes possible to see Las Vegas from the space. It is the most luminous point on Earth.

Get married in Las Vegas is one more attractive of the city for the tourists. That is why there are 35 chapels to celebrate atypical weddings. There is an average of 315 weddings per day, but in dates like San Valentine there can be more than 2.000 weddings in a weekend.

With reference to prostitution, it is not legal in Las Vegas. However, the Nevada State allows prostitution in legality in those cities which have less than 50.000 inhabitants. We could find clubs and escorts in the surroundings of Las Vegas.