The kisses' origin

A kiss is something attractive for us, everyone like to be kissed and kiss who they love. It is cultural and we are use to, however, despite of the importance of it, we don't have a true theory origin. There are a lot of investigators who are looking for the kisses' origin and they are really convinced that they come from primates and the way that mothers feed to their offspring. They are nourished by means of passing the food by the mouth of his mother.

An effusive kiss consumes between two and three calories per minute. It causes electro shocks of pleasure, attraction, love, adrenalin,.. to the brain. So it benefits to the brain and others body organs as the heart. The kisses produce that the heart beats faster, the cholesterol is reduced and the stress decreases.

When kiss another person, we pass on a lot of information consciously or unconsciously. The most important information sender is the saliva which tells to the other person our healthy or our hormone levels. The other person receive this information unconsciously. Therefore, that carry weight in the fact of being liked more or less. According to the scientists, the french kiss is a way for choosing a couple.