Intimate Massage

To give your partner or anyone you want an intimate massage, you need to be in a comfortable and erotic atmosphere.

You should follow some indications for the purpose that the intimate massage could be perfect, so the other person could enjoy of pleasure and relax.

Which is the moment to give a massage: You can prepare a massage session for your partner after a hard working day or during an stressing term. In this way, your partner will be surprised and either you will avoid his stress. The massage could start like a relaxing moment but also could become as a really exciting sex.

Some tools to give a massage: For an intimate massage, you will need an area where you could lay the person who will be massaged by you. Such as a bed, a comfortable sofa or a massage bed, which is the ideal surface for doing that kind of activity. To perform a massage it is required corporal oil, which there are lots of them. There are some delicate zones in our body (like private parts) to that end, it is recommended to use water lubricants.

During the massage: we recommend using towels when you are giving the massage, because the corporal oil could be awkward for the masseur. When the person you are giving a massage is laying face down, it is recommendable to set a rolled towel under the ankle area, since, this posture could be uncomfortable. Otherwise, when this person is lying back on the massage bed, you should place a towel just under his knees, because he could feel pain or pressure in the back.

Some more advise? We suggest that the massage go further... it could happens that the two persons (the masseuse and the massaged) become so exited that they decide it is the ideal moment for having sex.

Finally, if you are looking for just relaxing, an advise is lighting some candles and turning on some mild and pleasant music.