The internet improves the efficacy of the escorts and escort agencies advertisements.

In spite of the loss of effectiveness into writing advertisements related to the escort sector, the online advertisements has seen a steady growth in Spain; about 13'9% in the first semester of 2011, as confirmed the Alexa's data.


For the escorts and the escorts agencies, the Internet improves the efficacy of the marketing strategies and obtains return on investment much more higher than other media. The customers that look for escorts contacts, nowadays they usually find them from a website.


This support offers the attention to 24'3 millions of internet surfers ( data from and it is the only one that allows interact with them in real-time. This is the direct channel between escort services customers and escorts advertisers. So, in the moment to see the ad in any web, the customer obtains the characteristics of any escort, as his availability, his location, etc. He just has to take the phone and make a call to make an appointment. In addition the received calls have more quality. In the same way, escorts could improve their profile, change their availability in real-time. So, for this reason online ads are better than newspaper ads, which publishes once a week without the possibility of making a correction, upgrade, etc.


Furthermore on online escorts advertisements, is becoming more frequent to measure the number of clicks in the ad (immediate active response). Like this the results can be measured with so much precision from your escort ads, knowing how much times your escort has been seen, how much times your photos have been seen and with it correct and improve at the same moment, if it is required.


Moreover, advertising your escort ad on the Internet, will bring you an extensive coverage because the customers could see your adverts from any city or town as Barcelona, Madrid,Valencia or in the rest of Europe. There are no limits compared to the press, so, if I am looking for business men that are expending some time travelling here or anyone that knows how does the Internet works, the online advertisements are the best way to promote this kind of service.