How Often Escorts Have Their Own Children

The escort industry is often floated with a lot of misperceptions and myths from different people which may or may not be true. Essentially, ladies get into the industry like any other business venture to sell their care, attention, time and entertainment to those who need it. This is to mean that at any given, there is someone somewhere in need of such a service and another one is available to offer it for compensation.

Even though these services entail intimate sexual interactions most of the time, the business is done at a free will agreeing to each other’s terms of pay and conditions of service. This is why you’ll find many escort girls not having children because they do sex essentially for fun and to earn. The main goal of getting into the sex business is to earn the greatest profits possible and so any sort of commitment such as bearing children, that would hinder their daily attempts is often ignored. But no matter if a lady is working independently or been recruited by London escort agency after a thorough review she still wants home, a husband and children because nature has not prepared for us anything better than that.


In many societies today, the double standard that women should not be more enlightened than men in terms of sex and intimate relations still exists. Women who offer sexual services may be stigmatized for being sharp than many men; in fact, many look at them as prostitutes and do not believe that anything good can be associated with them. Due to these reasons, such women can hardly find a good man to commit to in marriage which would result to them growing a good family and children thereafter.

Usually, escorts find it hard to start bearing children without a fully responsible flag bearer. Again, if for selling sex they are judged negatively, it means that they are at the greatest risk of being rejected by every man who knows them. If in any case they wish to settle down, they have to take long looking for a man who doesn’t know them to avoid stigma. This is a serious problem as they can not open about their sexual fantasies and escapades for fear of being misperceived.

Women sex sellers encounter with big lists of men they can not keep record of and this explains how careful they are to consider pregnancy prevention measures in order to keep on the going. All their play is based on acting ‘innocent’ and without this they can rarely date normal men. If the world looks at them as deviants, with a negative connotation that they have bad morals, they then use the tactic of manipulating the truth for fear of being castigated and to win.

Men contact escorts mainly for sexual services. The choice of whether the woman is need of conception or not lies within her pure will. After sex, there are no other strings attached as far as the sex business is concerned. This justifies the reason why you will find many sex sellers having no children or at least one or two. When the mind is fully swallowed into the sex business, one can hardly think about committing to become a mother.