HOREQ Madrid 2016

The Professional Salon for the hospitality and tourism industry is well-known as HOREQ. It will take place from January 20th, 2016 to January 22nd, 2016 in the city of Madrid. This event is addressed to professionals from that sector. These sectors are characterized by the following:

  • TecnHoreq: Technology and Know-How
  • Building: Equipment and Facilities for the Establishment
  • MaquinÁrea: Equipment for Kitchen and Catering and Vending
  • Comfort Area: Design, Interior Design and Decoration
  • MenajeHoreq: Textile, Household & Accessories
  • CleanHoreq: Hygiene and Cleaning
  • Food & Drinks: Food and Beverages; Media. 

It will be aimed at any professional who can be interested in hostelry, catering, dealers, franchises, bars, catering and cafeteria.

The salon will attract many visitors to Madrid. Therefore, it will create a great opportunity for many sectors such as the leisure sector. Involving our directory of escorts, there will surely be an opportunity to enjoy our escorts Madrid. Those professional clients from that salon will enjoy sex and relax when they finish the various days on the stand.

On the other hand, this is also a great opportunity for professionals in the hostelry sector. To get this opportunity, it will be interesting to design a good stand; a stand that can be focused on fulfilling these objectives. For example, search for business collaborations with other companies.

Considering the type of the audience, it is advisable to check professional guidelines and specific targets for this public act. One way to get known will be announced to customers the company's presence in the HOREQ salon. The same happens for products to be presented at the event, they may previously announce those products to afterwards present them at the stand during the event. Thus, an attraction for visitors and customers attending HOREQ will be created. They have to bear in mind that the material available should last 3 days on the stand of the event, in order to avoid negative surprises. It will be important to prepare the stand as soon as possible, and avoid unexpected matters and to make last minute changes. To meet the objectives properly, the professional must fulfill his appointment schedule, leaving no time before the salon starts because their image is at risk, perform the correct actions both in commercial and marketing, make the media share who will visit the salon.

After the salon is finished, it will be important to take stock of everything achieved in HOREQ. Measure the results, although this may take some time and it may not get achieve at that moment. But within about 6 months this can make obtain the expected results. It is important to keep track of new customers, deals and collaborations achieved.

A last thing they should do is to pay attention to the balance of advertising, promotion and press kit. Finally, reserve a place in the 2017 edition of HOREQ Madrid, thus not having to worry about any reservations later.