Having sex in the morning

Waking up in the morning, several interesting factors come up for making sex due to the body is relaxed and have rested so having sex at the early hour in the morning is an ideal activity for getting up energized. Here are some tips for having sex in the morning:

Total privacy: If you are concerned that someone can see you without clothes or can clutter your privacy the best option is to close doors and windows, in that way you could do whatever you like without being seen by anyone by accident. Just your couple will see you.

Surprise your partner: Undress yourself quickly without being seen by your couple or dress yourself with sexy lingerie. Wake up your partner, you will see that he/she will be really surprised! Otherwise you can ask to your couple to remove your pyjama...

Kisses: In the morning, having a bad breath could be a bother for a French kiss, however, you can try kissing other body parts. You can choose between a wide range of options.

Lack of time: having no time in the morning is really usually because of the work or other responsibilities. A good advise is making the most of your time and try different things not just penetration. For example petting or oral sex could be a solution.

New postures: ought to the bad morning breath how we have mentioned in the last point, would be nice to try new positions to avoid it. Finally you can try new positions that you haven't tested before.