Guide for selling oneself successfully on the net.


On the last years, the adult market has been moved on the net in a massive way thanks of the anonymity factor that provides this medium, as well as the existence of specialized escorts directories and the possibility to find what it is searching in an international level.


However, like in any investment, we have factors that could work against us, for example the existence of lots of web pages, the inexperience in the Internet world or in the advertising, or the lack of information.


With that little guide, we pretend to transmit the necessary information to decide correctly where and how to advertise for achieving the maximum efficiency on the digital medium without being cheated.



The escort ad


When a man enter to a seriously escorts web page as, he expects to find a high level both in the escorts and what they transmit: he is not looking for vulgarities neither obscene images, but sensuality and seduction.


The major part of our traffic comes from business men that are looking for companion for few days during their travels.


In reference to the photos, i have to be in the maximum resolution, as many as possible and always seeking for insinuate instead of displaying their body.


The text has to be well worded without spelling mistakes, in a provocative and sexy attitude but always providing useful information. A marketing team has been studying what works and what does not work in an escort ad before that it is published, therefore filling all the required gaps usually has much more seriously and success.


The website escort


There are thousands of escorts websites in the Internet, but not all have the same relevance, the same kind of users neither the same services.


A specialized escort website will always provide better results than a generalis advertising web page because it transmits more confidence, and also it is a way for assure that the user has entered looking for what you are offering. Sometimes, it is preferable to receive less visits but with more quality than having a lot of traffic that people who wants only to regard.


Within escorts directories, everyone will say that they are the best but there are some indicators that can help to know if we really could trust it like:


    • The web page design: just only the good companies have models that look for having a “nice” web page.

    • It has to be in several languages and countries: if the translation is human and it is related with other countries, it can be deduced that there is a huge work team behind.

    • They have to be online for a large time: in the 2.0 world as same as you enter, you can go too, unless you make an effort to consolidate and take it place in there.

    • The seriously and the fastness that they answer.


As a point of special interest, we will speak about the positioning from the site because a great part will depend if someone see the web page or not. A quality web, will always be at the first result page in google with the most important concepts or “key words” of each sector.


In our case, the key word will be: escort Barcelona,escort Madrid, escort Málaga, escort girls,etc.


A really good and useful tool for knowing the visits that the portal web receive, is the traffic measure, it is the most representative from this sector at global level and it is free.


It is good to diversify the investment in several escort websites to try and compare, since if you only invest in one, you depend on just this one and none could assure that it will work like you expect. The ideal way is to find a midpoint where the investment could be profitable in relation with the results you obtain.


Keys to measure the success


There are lots of ways to know if our ad is working, obviously the most reliable is that the users call you and tell where have they seen the ad, but lot of people doesn't remember the escort website, they say the last ad that they have seen or simply, they don't say it.


If you have an own website, google will supply you the free tool Analytics, which you could meter your traffic and knowing where it comes from, although is not really objective because lots of people find the telephone from an escort in the web page and call directly without clicking on the link from her page. Also, most of the portals web offer a counter of visits per month (in we have it inside your profile , at the top right) that will give you an idea from the contacts that escortintime have sent you, but the best way is having a specific telephone for each website and/or advertise different escorts ( with different artistic names) on every escort websites.


And finally...


Remember that an escort website, is just the way to reach the customer, but the fact that will do that you willsuccess or not depends mostly on you: answer all the calls, make that your ad has an appeal and invest in effective advertisements.


It is always better than your advertisement is profitable instead of cheap.