Originally geisha appeared as a professional entertainment. Curiously, most geishas were men in their early days. Geishas were knowledgeable of all types of Japanese skills in both Japanese art and Japanese dance.

There were two types of geisha: on the one hand those who worked at the city and used to attend festivals, and on the other hand were those who worked at the same neighbourhood always. These two types of geisha had the same knowledge, however the district geisha (Kuruwa) used a shorter incense. Furthermore, the city geishas (machi) used an incense longer. The reason was that Kuruwa worked in less frequented places so, whose duration was less. Remarkably, the two types of geishas were highly educated.

Over time, male geishas (known as taikomochi) started to decrease and increase the amount of numerously female geishas. Since then, the term geisha began to be understood as entertainment girls.

Traditionally, geisha began at a young age. Some girls were sold to geisha houses as children. During this stage they had to obey all orders and do some housework. Then, they began their training in various traditional arts.

This process was carried out since they were child which was known as training. They alternated assistant work and , at the same time, the could see how to exercise the geisha's entertainment functions. This training tradition also exists in other disciplines in Japan, the student leaves home, then he starts doing household work and attend his mentor, and finally become in it.

From 15 years old they stared to know how to make-up themselves , this learning lasted until 21 years of age.

¿Are Geisha prostitutes?

There is still some confusion about the geisha's profession's nature , especially in Japan outsides. The confusion comes from the Oiran (Japanese escorts luxury and entertainment).

Geisha can marry, although the vast majority would rather retire before marriage, and could have children out of wedlock. Also they can now go to college and are totally free to choose a boyfriend or a lover.

A geisha's job includes flirting, insinuations and suggestive jokes. But does not include sexual services. Geisha is not paid for sex, although some may choose to have a relationship that includes sex with a client outside of their role. It is common for geishas have a lover with high purchasing power. Since these men cover geisha's costs and still hire them for entertaining. These men are often married, but play an important role for major expenses geishas to cover them.

The relationship between the lover and the geisha can be amorous, but the lover's or danna's role is to cover the geisha's costs. It is a relationship that isn't still well regarded by Japanese. It seems more a relationship of convenience, rather than being a love relationship, as many Japanese critics has discussed.

There is a myth about the virginity selling by geishas, it is said that geishas used to speculate her virginity. However, thanks to "Memoirs of a Geishas's” work, it was found that geishas didn't sell or sell their virginity. Instead, the ceremony was held shortly before the erikae and consisted in visiting all her customers and closest clients, thanking about the care provided during the learning Maiko and finally, they gave a Japanese sweet surrender in exchange for financial aid.

Geishas not only serves to men, they also attend women which has been since the geisha's beginning. Even, in some children's or adults' birthdays geishas are hired as a companion.