Footballers and escorts

We all know the quantity of Money that expert footballers win. We know also that many of them have their couples and children. However, when they hang out with their team or when they do a party they usually hire escorts. Those parties are good examples to do sexual scandals.

Ronaldo, who is a football player from Brazil, decided to hire three prostitutes while he was rehabilitating from an injury. When he returned to play he discovered they were men and they started a big argument. It finally ended when the police intervened.

The English David Beckham is also a good example. When he was playing as a football player in Real Madrid he had an affair with his assistant Rebeca Loos. This situation affected his relationship with Victoria Beckham.

Mario Balotelli was photographed with the porn actress Holly Henderson, while he had his girlfriend, Rafaella Fico.

One of the worst sexual scandals almost ends with the career of two football players, Franck Ribéry and Karim Benzema. They hired Zahia Dehar, a prostitute who was under-age. Luckily, this accusation didn’t go forwards. Both of them denied the fact that they had sex with her .

Not only having sex with other women has been a scandal. A video where Ronaldinho was masturbating himself was filtered. He and his agent denied this by saying that this was fake video.

Ryan Giggs was unfaithful. The Welsh player maintained a parallel love relationship during 8 years with his sister in law.

These are some of the examples that some football players do. There exist more and recent cases. We can discover them mainly because of the media.

The most recent news have impacted Manchester United. A hypothetical sexual scandal has been published by the British media.

According to this publication, one of the players in this British team was filmed having sex with a woman in a toilet.

The identity of this player doesn’t want to be published but the video has been shared with the whole team and it has probably been shared in some social networks. Then, if the video is shared in some social networks, the identity of that player will finally be discovered. It is possible that someone share this via Whatsapp or Facebook.

The identity of the woman is also unknown, but according to some recent information, this woman s related to this football field.

As we notice, there are a lot of sexual scandals related with this football field. Some of them are done for funny or can result funny but others can even be illegal or break couples.

What it is clear is that those famous football players have so much money they don’t even think of the money they spend in hiring sexual services, for them there is no problem with that. A part from that, the escorts hired are recognized escorts wo can perfectly save a secret.