Foods that decrease sex drive

There are many foods that increase sexual desire, but in this article we will talk about those foods that decrease sex drive. To avoid this loss of sexual desire, it is advisable to have a healthy and balanced diet. Food does not affect our hormone levels, affects our sexual libido.

A study in the United States resulted that coffee is a beverage that reduces sexual appetite. Because caffeine increases stress so it affect sexual desire.

Soft drinks sweeteners also affect our sexual desire. These sweeteners can cause depression, obesity and even diabetes. This is very harmful to our health if taken in excess, therefore it affect sexual desire.

Alcohol is another factor that adversely affect sexual libido in both men and women. If taken in excess can create impotence to men.

Fatty foods also affect sexual desire, consumption of these foods can significantly increase cholesterol levels. This affects to men's penile erection because of cholesterol in blood vessels.